Mr. Ashok M Katariya

Gold medalist in Civil Engineering

He has been bestowed recognition from various institutions including Life Time Achievement Awards by The Institution of Engineers, (India) and the COEP

Mr. Satish D Parakh

Ashoka Education Foundation is not just an institute, where teachers teach and students listen. It is in fact an absolute LEARNING CENTER.

As a student GROWS UP, so does the Educator and the PARENT. Therefore it is equally important that the adult also learn newer and better ways of performing their roles. Our programme is designed to provide and educative environment for the complete triangle that a parent, a student and an Educator forms.

Mr. Shrikant P Shukla
Joint Secretary - Ashoka Education Foundation

More than possessing knowledge, it is more important to know what purpose that knowledge can serve. Our country has been affected by the stereotype teaching system, where the focus is on ensuring that the students learn by rote what has been taught. AEF focuses on a much broader picture, which is developing not just a SCHOLAR but a COMPLETE PERSON. One who not only knows what he has learned but can implement his knowledge at the correct time and place and utilize his knowledge in the best possible way.

Mrs. Shweta Modi
Director - Ashoka Universal School
M.A. Edu (Teaching and Learning), UK
M.A. Edu (Leadership & Management), UK

My objective is to establish a world class educational institution imparting need based curriculum and developing a teachers training program to address the changing trends in education.

Mrs. Astha A Katariya
Managing Trustee
B.E. Electronics
Diploma in Business Finance

Aims to enhance the satisfaction level of Students, Educators and Parents by establishing effective Quality Management Systems and seeking Continual improvement so as to achieve School Mission.

Key Persons

Ms. Priya Rajwade
Principal, Chandsi

"Intelligence plus character is the goal of true education"

If I ask you, what is the most important trait you would like to develop in your child, if you're like most parents, intelligence will probably be at the top of your list. We all want bright, smart children, which is why we spend so much time choosing the right schools and making sure teachers are exceeding expectations.

But education has a two-fold function to perform in the life of an individual and in society: the one is utility and the other is culture. Education must enable one to become more efficient, to achieve with increasing facility the legitimate goals of life. Education must also train one for quick, resolute and effective thinking. It is this quality of effective thinking we at AUS aim seek to draw out.

Mrs. Shallu Sethi
Vice Principal, Wadala

"Learning gives Creativity, Creativity leads to Thinking, Thinking provides Knowledge, Knowledge makes you Great." - APJ Abdul Kalam

Today our future generation is striding ahead rapidly, acquiring not only knowledge but also values and culture in the classrooms. It is therefore becoming increasingly essential that we keep pace with them, by meeting their ever-growing needs, and contribute towards the building of a strong nation.

At Ashoka, we endeavour to build a strong nation by ensuring that every child who is with us is aware. By Aware I mean that they should be aware of the happenings around them and be well prepared to step into a world which is highly volatile and complex. Every day, thus, that is planned as a part of the student’s learning experience is designed to bring about the much needed innovation in teaching and learning for a digital era. Besides, the path to achieve every milestone is designed in such a way, that it would make the student’s journey through school, memorable-something that he would look back and cherish.

We all would agree on the infinite happiness that as parents we feel when the child says "School is Fun". I am sure that with your constant support and motivation, we surely will be able to achieve what we seek to achieve through this magnanimous institute.

Mrs. Meenal Joshi
Headmistress, Ashoka House & Sinnar
Pre-Primary AUS
Ms. Priya D'souza
Grade I to VII
Mrs. Aparna Mathakari
Pre - Primary AUS, Chandsi
Mrs. Renuka Joshi
ISC Head Mistress, Wadala
Mrs. Disha Racca
Headmistress, AUS Wadala
Grade I to V
Mrs. Tejasvini Vise
Headmistress, AUS Wadala
Grade VI to VIII

Administrative Staff ( Wadala, Chandsi & Sinnar )

  • Mr. Shripal Shah - Sr. Admin Executive, Chandsi
  • Ms. Shweta Singh- PRO (Chandsi)
  • Ms. Aparna Wagh - Sr. Admin Executive (Wadala)
  • Ms. Varsha Raykar - Admin Officer (Wadala)
  • Ms. Sai Rathod - PRO (Wadala)
  • Ms. Sneha Kale - Admin Officer (Ashoka House)
  • Mr. Sachin Kulkarni - Admin Officer (Sinnar)

Academic Co-ordinator - Wadala

  • I Ms. Anisha Chhabria
  • II - III Ms. Sana Shaikh
  • IV - V Ms. Archana Gupta
  • IX - X Ms. Meghana Joshi

Academic Co-ordinator - Ashoka House

  • Ms. Rebecca Zombad, Acting Academic Co-ordinator - Ashoka House

Kitchen Co-ordinator - Mrs. Gitanjali Soundankar

Transport Incharge Wadala - Mr. Vilas Nikam

Transport Incharge Chandsi - Mr. Stevan Joseph

Transport Incharge Ashoka House - Mr. Sunil Pankar

Academic Co-ordinator - Chandsi

  • I - II : Mrs. Snehal Sharma, Co-ordinator
  • III - V : Mrs.SimranAmesur, Co-ordinator
  • VI - VIII : Mr. Mr.SuhasMandlik, Senior Co-ordinator
  • IX - XI :Mr.GirishAmesur

Activity AGM

  • Mr. Dinesh Sabnis

Activity Coordinators

  • Activity Coordinator - Ms. Komal Bhandari - AUS, Wadala
  • Activity Coordinator - Mr. Sai Rathod - AUS, Wadala
  • Activity Coordinator - Mrs. Preeti Dutta - AUS, Chandsi.
  • Activity Coordinator - Ms. Surbhi Patil - AUS, Chandsi.
  • Activity Co-ordinator - Mrs. Neeru Shaikh - AUS, Ashoka House
  • Activity Co-ordinator - Ms. Archana Jaurkar - AUS, Sinnar

Academic Co-ordinator - Sinnar

  • Nursery to Grade V - Mrs Nivedita Bhatt

Board of Honors


HEAD BOY - Shrey Patel

HEAD GIRL - Shifra Bhorapkar

Board of Honours Selection (Grade VI- X)
Ambassador (Boy) Shrey Patel
Ambassador (Girl) Shifra Bhorapkar
Head Boy Shantanu Satav
Head Girl Siya Bhadane
Sports Captain Shrikant Kothule
Discipline Captain Siddhi Baheti
Discipline Vice. Captain Aarya Chavan
Captain Vedant Rawat
Vice Captain Ritika Jagtap
Captain Nilay Nikam
Vice Captain Komal Jain
Captain Sonali Patil
Vice Captain Renuka Jadhav
Captain Tanuj Bhalerao
Vice Captain Suchita Thalla
Pilot 1 Sanskruti Talele
Pilot 2 Amogh Chandratre
Captain Om Chaudhari
Vice Captain Prachi Bhandare
Board of Honours Selection (Grade I - V )
Head Boy Devesh Ahuja
Head Girl Purva Khairnar
Discipline Captain boy Preet Sakhla
Discipline Vice-Captain girl Jiya Dhatrange
Sports Captain Pranav Rao
Ghosh-pathak captain Lokesh Adhav
Ghosh-pathak Sergeant Maitreyi Dev
Aspiration House Sergeant Shridha Bhangdia
Aspiration House Captain Dattatraya Kulkarni
Benevolence House Sergeant Shaarav Ladda
Benevolence House Captain Veer Shah
Creativity House Sergeant Geet Potdar
Creativity House Captain Adi Rai
Devotion House Sergeant Avika Kandoi
Devotion House Captain Pranav Rao
Board of Honours Selection ( Pre-Primary )
Discipline Captain 1 Leher Walecha
Discipline Captain 2 Ojas Rakibe
Head Girl Saee Gawali
Head Boy Shone Deshmukh

Board of Honours Pre-primary Section 2016-2017
Morning Shift
Swarit Shukla Head Boy
Keya Ajmera Head Girl
Riya Meheta Discipline Captain
Afternoon Shift
Vinayak Bayas Head Boy
Yashvi Singh Head Girl
Alishba Shaikh Discipline Captain

HEAD BOY(Primary) - Vedant Avhad

HEAD GIRL(Primary) - Manya Sethi

HEAD BOY(Secondary) - Sahil Joshi

HEAD GIRL(Secondary) - Swati

Board of Honours Selection (Primary)
Head boy Vedant Avhad
Head girl Manya Sethi
Aspiration House Captain Aryan Ahire
Aspiration House Vice Captain Aniket Sarode
Benevolence House Captain Mayank Sharma
Benevolence House Vice Captain Tanishka Bhamare
Creativity House Captain Arush Ghuge
Creativity House Vice Captain Arnav Chafalkar
Devotion House Captain Riya Sonawane
Devotion House Vice Captain Diya Arora
Discipline Captain Astha Bhuptani
Discipline Vice Captain Nupur Bagul
Sports Captain Suyog Kapate
Sports Vice Captain Arnav Tambat
Pilot Yukti Shah
Pilot Vedha Gholap
Prefects Sanskar Shinde
Kanak Rathi
Shreya Jain
Swastik Jain
Shrishti Dhamno
Shubham Lahoti
Ananya Kabra
Rishi Deshmukh
Board of Honours Selection (Secondary)
Head boy Sahil Joshi
Head girl Swati Joglekar
Aspiration House Captain Aman Hadap
Aspiration House Vice Captain Anushka Sangle
Benevolence House Captain Aman Kasat
Benevolence House Vice Captain Sushil Avhad
Creativity House Captain Anushka Avhad
Creativity House Vice Captain Devansh Ghuge
Devotion House Captain Om Shah
Devotion House Vice Captain Anay Kankariya
Discipline Captain Siya Patle
Discipline Vice Captain Eshani Radder
Sports Captain Eeshan Pawar
Sports Vice Captain Tulika Roy
Pilot Ishwari Patil
Pilot Abhilasha Supe
Prefects Siya Manekar
Keyuri Wagh
Kimaya Ahirrao
Prathmesh Jawale
Shubhangi Dantale
Mrunalini Tare
Rajdeep Thakur
Mrunmai Kulkarni
Name of The House Master/Mistress
Ms. Anuradha Pandey ( Aspiration )
Ms. Tabassum Tamboli ( Benevolence )
Ms. Sudeshna Chakraborty ( Creativity )
Ms. Geeta Kanojia ( Devotion )
Name of The House Master/Mistress
Ms. Sakshi Joshi ( Aspiration )
Ms. Shagufta Patel( Benevolence )
Ms. Shobha Pillai ( Creativity )
Ms. Bhavna Bhalerao ( Devotion )

Board Of Honours 2018-17
AUS Ministry
Sr.NO Portfolio Ministry Memebers Grades Incharge
1 Cultural Ministry Vedant Avhad Head boy I TO V HMs & Activity Coordinators
Manya Sethi Head Girl I TO V
Sahil Joshi Head Boy I TO V
Swati Joglekar Head Girl VI TO X
Rishi Deshmukh Prefect I TO V
Mrunmai Kulkarni Prefect VI TO X
2 Discipline Ministry Astha Bhuptani Discipline Captain I TO V Ms. Alka Sinha
Ms. Vaijayanti Joshi
Mr. Sandeep Doke
Ms.Tanuja Mule
Nupur Bagul Discipline Vice Captain I TO V
Siya Patle Discipline Captain VI TO X
Eshani Radder Discipline Vice Captain VI TO X
Sanskar Shinde Prefect I TO V
Siya Manekar Prefect VI TO X
3 SPORTS MINISTRY Suyog Kapate Sports Captain I TO V Mr. Nagesh Rajmane
Mr. Krtarchand Rana
Mr. Rahul Tejale
Arnav Tambat Sports Vice Captain I TO V
Eeshan Pawar Sports Captain VI TO X
Tulika Roy Sports Vice Captain VI TO X
Shreya Jain Prefect I TO V
Kimaya Ahirrao Prefect VI TO X
4 TRANSPORT MINISTRY Aryan Ahire Aspiration House Captain I TO V Ms. Anuradha Pandey
(Aspiration House Mistress)

Ms. Sakshi Joshi
(Aspiration House Mistress)
Aniket Sarode Aspiration house Vice Captain I TO V
Kanak Daulatani Aspiration House Captain VI TO X
Anushka Sangle Aspiration house Vice Captain VI TO X
Kanak Rathi Prefect I TO V
Keyuri Wagh Prefect VI TO X
5 FOOD & HYGIENE MINISTRY Mayank Sharma Benevolence House Captain I TO V Ms. Tabassum Tamboli
((Benevolence House Mistress)

Ms. Shagufta Patel
(Benevolence House Mistress)
Tanishka Bhamare Benevolence House Vice Captain I TO V
Aman Kasat Benevolence House Captain VI TO X
Sushil Avhad Benevolence House Vice Captain VI TO X
Swastik Jain Prefect I TO V
Prathmesh Jawale Prefect VI TO X
6 HEALTH & SAFETY MINISTRY Arush Ghuge Creativity House Captain I TO V Ms. Sudeshna Chakraborty
(Creativity House Mistress)

Ms.Shobha Pillai
(Creativity House Mistress)
Arnav Chafalkar Creativity House Vice Captain I TO V
Anushka Avhad Creativity House Captain VI TO X
Devansh Ghuge Creativity House Vice Captain VI TO X
Shrishti Dhamno Prefect I TO V
Shubhangi Dantale Prefect VI TO X
7 INFRASTRUCTURE &MAINTENANCE MINISTRY Riya Sonawane Devotion House Captain I TO V Ms. Geeta Kanojia
(Devotion House Mistress)

Ms.Shobha Pillai
(Devotion House Mistress)
Diya Arora Devotion House Vice Captain I TO V
Om Shah Devotion House Captain VI TO X
Anay Kankariya Devotion House Vice Captain VI TO X
Shubham Lahoti Prefect I TO V
Mrunalini Tare Prefect VI TO X
Vedha Gholap Pilot I TO V
Ishwari Patil Pilot VI TO X
Abhilasha Supe Pilot VI TO X
Ananya Kabra Prefect I TO V
Rajdeep Thakur Prefect VI TO X