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  Red Day Celebration 2017-18

DATE :  14/02/2018 (WEDNESDAY)
TIMING  : 08:4500 AM TO 10:00 AM

      The Pre – Primary of Ashoka Universal School, Sinnar conducted ‘Red Day’ activity on 14th of February at their assembly hall to introduce children into the mesmerizing realm of colours. The shades of red made our tiny tots feel bright, lively and cheerful. Red colour symbolizes enthusiasm, life and vitality. The day started off with the colour red everywhere. The children with red attires exhibited several objects containing red colour, such as pictures of cars, fruits like apple, strawberry etc. They spoke a few sentences on objects of red colours. The children spent a spectacular red day to renew, energize and refresh of everything.
       Also they showed there love and affection towards Family, Mom Dad, Educators, Aunties Animals, Nature etc.
     Assembly Hall was beautifully decorated with red balloons and various cut pieces of arts, ribbons etc. The day ended with an emotion of great delight and happiness.

  Blue Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse Witnessed at AUSAO- 2017

Nashik, Ashoka
1st Feb. 2018.
Ashoka Universal School Astronomical Observatory (AUSAO) planned a sky gazing activity for its staff and students on the most awaited occasion of the Blue blood moon and Lunar Eclipse on the 31st Jan 2018.
    A super blue blood moon was to rise yesterday and as explained by renowned , astronomers , if was an exquisite phenomena. The lunar event was a rare occurrence as it marked a total lunar eclipse coinciding with blood & a blue moon as well.
Almost 250 students & parents experienced this event wherein AUSAO organized the observation of eclipse through small telescopes along with the projection of the celestial phenomenon on screens through one of the High-Tech telescope in Nasik, at school level.   
    The event was attended by the school dignitaries like Mr. Shrikanth Shukla ,Mrs. Astha Kataria, , Mrs. Renuka Joshi, Ashoka college of Education co-ordinator Mrs. Bhagyashri & Mr. Pravin Jadhav, along with their students too participated enthusiastically. The event was successfully managed by AUSAO Head Mr. Dilip Thakur and AUSAO Coordinator Mr. Vikram Joshi and Archana Yeole.
The Chairman sir Honorable Shri. Ashokji Katariya of the school highly appreciate the gusto of the Astronomical event.

  Republic Day/ Grandparents Club Event 2017-18

DATE :  26/01/2018 (FRIDAY)
TIMING  : 08:00 AM TO 10:00 AM
Republic Day Celebration
On the fateful morning of 26th January, Ashoka Universal School, Sinnar celebrated Republic Day in the School play ground. It was a matter of pride for all of us. On 26th January 1950, the Constitution of India came into force and our country, India became the Republic. We celebrate this day as a festival every year. The Headmistress, Educators and the Students did not want to leave any stone unturned in making this monumental day a memorable one. All the students assembled on the School ground at 7:30 am Grade 2nd   to 5th students participated in this festival with pomp and grandeur.
The distinguished Chief Guest was Mrs. Disha Racca  Head Mistress of Primary Section, AUS Wadala. Besides other distinguished guests, parents, Grandparents and invitees were also present. The Board of Honour of the School welcomed the Chief Guest. The Chief Guest unfurled the National Flag. This was followed by our National Anthem ‘Jan Gan Man’ sung by the Choir Group. The students saluted the National Flag and pledged themselves to upholding the honour and integrity, diversity and uniqueness that is ‘India’.
     The captivating house wise parade was done by Primary students. Thereafter the Head Boy introduced the Chief Guest and requested Head Mistress to felicitate the Chief Guest. Miss Ishita Kapote of Grade III-B delivered the speech on Republic Day and in her speech she reiterated the importance of Republic Day. 
      An air of patriotic fervour permeated the atmosphere when Choir Group presented the patriotic song. The song reverberated in the surroundings. Miss Ananya Palkar of Grade III-A recited a poem, titled ‘Ganatantra Divas Phir Aaya Hai’ which recalled many of their anecdotes related to their childhood. The entire gathering was awaiting bated breath for the speech of Chief Guest. The Chief Guest stated the true sense of meaning of Patriotism. It not only to sacrifice life for one’s own country but to uplift the nation by providing service to the nation. She laid emphasis on to maintain the environment through cleanliness and also advised the students to switch on their Television channel after going home to watch the parade on Republic Day at Rajpath in Delhi to arouse the feeling of Patriotism.      
     The Festival concluded with the motivated speech of Mrs. Meenal Joshi, Head Mistress of the School and ‘Vote of Thanks’ by the ’Head Girl’.

  Yellow Day and Vasant Panchami Celebration 2018-19

DATE: 22/01/2018 (MONDAY)
TIMINGS  : 10:30 AM TO 11:15 AM

On 22nd of January the students of both Pre-Primary and Primary of Ashoka Universal School, Sinnar, celebrated Vasant Panchmi with great zeal to welcome the onset of spring season. The campus was decorated with balloons and art pieces of yellow color to mark the occasion. Tiny tots came dressed in yellow attires. The ambiance was filled with jubilation. The celebrations commenced with Saraswati Vandana, invoking the blessings of Goddess Saraswati for seeking knowledge and wisdom. Every one paid floral tributes to the Goddess Saraswati. The Pre - Primary educators explained the importance of yellow colors and Vasant Panchami Festival to make the students aware of their culture and tradition. The Grandparent and PEA members were also invited on this auspicious day.  The Grandparent offered prayers, paid floral tributes and worshipped the Goddess Saraswati.  The Grandparent Mr. Narendra Malkar highlighted the importance of the day along with chanting of guru mantras and blessed the students. One of the prime attractions of the festival was the announcement of best educator of the year chosen by all students with a certificate, which was organised by “Tata Class Edge”. The School was abuzz with the festive spirit.

  Picnic to Essel World at Mumbai 2017-18

DATE: 13 /01/2018  (SATURDAY)
TIMINGS  : 05:00 AM TO 1:00 AM

Visit to Essel World  @ Mumbai
      On 13th of January the students of  Grade 4th  and 5th of Ashoka Universal School, Sinnar resumed their much awaited journey to visit to ‘Essel World’ with lot of enthusiasm. The picnic,  we all know not only brings cheers to each student for fun and enjoyment they relish but also imparts practical knowledge and inculcate the spirit of togetherness & unity in diversity. It also helps in overall development of child by exposure to real world as precursor. Essel World is the India’s largest theme park and it is considered as the best amusement park in India especially for children. The park has several rides that cater to different age groups. The children of Ashoka enjoyed most among all the fun activities like Crazy Cups, Monster in the Mist, Mirror Maze, Highway Cars, Super Telecombat and above all the prime attractions were Zipper Dipper, Roller Coaster, Aqua Dive and Rainbow.

  Lohri and Makar Sankranti Celebration 2017-18

DATE :  12/01/2018 (FRIDAY)
TIMING  : 09:00 AM TO 11:00 AM
VENUE:   Assembly Hall and School Ground
PARTICIPANTS: Nursery to Grade V  Students
DRESS CODE:  For Pre- Primary is traditional attire  and for Primary is sports uniform

Makar Sankranti and Lohri Celebration: (Pre-Primary)
The tiny tots of Pre – Primary of Ashoka Universal School, Sinnar celebrated Makar Sankranti and Lohri Festival with a great interest on 12th January at their Assesmbly Hall. Lohri is a winter time Punjabi folk Festival celebrated by Sikhs and Hindus in Punjab. It is observed the night before the Makar Sankranti also known as Maghi. Lohri involves a puja parikrama around the bonfire and distribution of Prasad.
  Similarly Makar Sankranti is also known as Maghi. It marks the first day of Sun’s transit into the Makar (Capricorn), marking the end of the month with the winter and start for the longer days. It is one of the ancient Hindu Festivals. Makar Sankranti is observed with social festivities such as colourful decorations etc. 
The children of Pre – Primary also dressed with colourful Punjabi and Marathi attires to convene the Festival. The educators organised to celebrate both the Festivals together so that children should know about the Social harmony and cultures which are entangled with each other.  

Makar Sankranti and Lohri Celebration: (Primary)  
The Ashoka Universal School, Sinnar witnessed a grand celebration of Makar Sankranti and Lohri Festival on 12th January by the students of Primary Grade 1st to 5th with a strong elation. The students of Primary of Ashoka Universal School, Sinnar came up with a lighting of born fire at their Sports Ground with Dhols and musical beats of the speaker and danced with Lohri songs. The entire arena was decorated with colourful Balloons and Kites with strings. The beginning of both this festival was marked by the flying of kites high up in the sky. Makar Sankranti signifies a period of socialising and family enjoying after Rabi Crop has been sown and hardwork in the fields is mostly over  and celebrated in different cultural forms and so this festival has different names, such as Uttarayan in Gujrat, Makar Sankrant in Maharashtra, Bihu in Assam, Poush Parbon in West Bengal.

  Gr. II & III trip to Kidzania- 2017

Kids are more receptive when they are having fun.Hence  a school trip  to Kidzania was planned for students of grade 2 & 3 bringing fun and learning together through the essence of ROLE-PLAY.Role- play helped  them understand and experience the real world of different professions..

The students got to experience  A  KID'S CITY with 40-50 different activity stores/ shops as mocks and minis of the real life version. They role modelled as  a doctor,  fire-fighter , surgeon,  coke bottler, pilot, courier delivery boy, dabbawala, customer ,hair dresser, theatre artist, an enginner and many more.The students got kidzos for every job /community service they did which helped them realise the importance of hardwork and "Working to earn money to do things”.

The children were delighted and felt empowered as they got an exposure to do amazing jobs in a tiny world built for them

  Grade II Field Trip To Big Bazaar-2017

Fun and learning amalgamation produces happy and responsible children.To drill the concept ,hands on learning experience was given to grade 2 students by organising a  field trip to Big Bazar ,Nashik Road on 18 Dec 2017,Monday  . The  students shopped and also got the billing done for themselves.The activity helped students relate Math with real world and learn the skills of calculating,estimating and cross verifying the items in the bill.Children gained knowledge through active practical experience and could link the classroom experience with the outside world

  Field visit to Wind Mill Station at Sinnar

Date : 15/12/2017 ( Friday)
Timings : 10:00am to 12:30 pm
Venue: Wind Mill Station Sinnar
Participants: Grades I and II 

    On 15th of December the students from Grades I and II  of ‘Ashoka Universal School’ Sinnar, visited the ‘Windmill Station’ at Jamgaon near Sinnar through the magnificent terrain and the visit itself was extremely exciting. The students explored that they had seen many windmills marked the hills. When they had reached close to the windmill, the windmills were looking so much bigger than they actually anticipated. The drive to this place was very scenic and enjoyable and the students were seen very keen to know about the kind of energy that it produces. Finally at the power station they came to know that ‘Wind turbines convert the kinetic energy into mechanical energy and that mechanical energy gets converted into electrical energy through generator’. More or less the visit was a good food, for their thought and it gave a boost to their knowledge.

  Black and White day activity- 2017, AUS Sinnar

Date : 04/12/2017 ( Monday)
Timings : 10:30am to 12:30 pm
Venue: Assembly Hall, School entrance
Participants: Nursery, Jr.K.G, Sr.K.G.
Dress code: White and Black dress

Black and White Activity 
On 4th of December 2017, the Pre-Primary of Ashoka Universal School, Sinnar observed ‘Black and White Day’ with great interest. The children were seen with black and white dresses while entering into the school premises. The educators of the school taught the children about the value of ‘Black and White’ colours and what they actually indicate and represent for. They represented a demo of ‘Zebra Crossing ‘to the Nursery children and taught them regarding traffic rules while the children of Junior K.G and Senior K.G did the take away activity of ‘Day and Night’ and played chess which represent black and white colour respectively. The children got inspired with the spirit of colours.

  Sports Day-2017, AUS-Sinnar

The much awaited Annual Sports Day of Ashoka Universal School, Sinnar was held on Friday 1st of December,2017. The fantastic turnout from the parents and the pleasant weather were the perfect boost for the students on their very first sports day at ‘The Ashoka Universal School’, Sinnar.  The theme was “Healthy food” verses “Junk food”. The students entered into the spirits of the occasion in a grand way by a sports walk by Primary and jumble walk by Pre – Primary tiny tots followed by the welcoming of the Chief Guest Mr. Ravindra Naik, D.S.O Nashik and the Guest of Honour Master Eeshan Pawar , National player of Fencing from Grade 9th of Ashoka Universal School, Wadala. After that Chief Guest lighted up the torch and handed over to the head boy of the school followed by the prefects from Pre – Primary and Primary Board of Honours. Thereafter the head boy handed over the torch to head girl to fix it in the stand .The entire ground was enthralled by the speech of Chief Guest and  Head  Mistress  Mrs. Meenal Joshi. 
The Chief Guest Mr. Ravindra Naik advised the parents to make habits of giving children home made foods rather than encouraging them on outside foods. He also added that parents should support their children on sports activity for reducing stress involving them too at the same. The centre of attraction and earth throb of the students was Master Eshan Pawar who drew the attention of the students by saying ‘Never give up’ and also laid stress on to search  out inner existence of hidden talents. No one is worthless; one should find out ones co existence .The students stimulated by his speech.
The Sports Day officially begins with the releasing of a balloon mascot by the dignitaries along with the echo of the melodious rhyme tuned of keyboard  by the music teacher.    
The Sports Day initiated with Yoga in the form of ‘Surya Namashkar’ by the smarties of Sr.Kg. Then the demo race presented by the Nursery, Junior and Senior students. It included block balancing, vegetable and get ready to school race. Besides there are other presentations of demo race by the parents of Pre – Primary and Primary along with their children to judge their bonding with their adorable such as ring race, get ready to school race, wheel and barrow etc. The winners were already declared previously during the previous sports week session. 
The Jr.Kg. students also exhibited the exercise drill from their daily chores. The PEA members of the school also participated in the ‘Lemon and Spoon Race’.
 An enthralling Peppy dance drill by Nursery cuties wearing different attires of vegetables and junk food on the concept of Healthy and Junk food.
An energizing exercise drill by primary students House wise set the tone for the rest of the event. Once the races began, the air was filled with cheering and tons of encouragement for the young athletes. Students of classes I to IV competed House-wise in events including Potato race, hurdle race, brick race and flat race.
The medals and Trophies were distributed by Mr. Ravindra Naik, Master Eeshan Pawar, Mrs. Meenal Joshi Ma’am and A.G.M. of Ashoka Mr. Dinesh Sabnis congratulating the winners.  Fun time with students with a tug of war between the two groups and the tug of war contest between admin and educators added to the enjoyment. The Day ended with a National Anthem. 

  Constitution Day Celebration (I-V) -2017

“The happy Union of different States is a wonder; and our Indian Constitution a miracle”

Constitution Day, also known as Samvidhan Divas, is celebrated in India on 26 November to commemorate the adoption of Constitution of India. On this day in 1949, the Constituent Assembly of India adopted the Constitution of India, and it came into effect on 26 January 1950.

Ashoka Universal School, Chandsi celebrated the day succeeding the morning assembly. Students’ council deliberated on the importance of the Indian constitution. The preamble of the constitution was read by the students. Students presented a skit explaining depth of term like Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic, Republic and also campaigned for awareness about  Justice, Liberty, Equality, Fraternity,. They emphasized on Unity & Integrity of the Nation along with Dignity. At the end of the skit all the characters who were Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, Sardar Patel and Jawaharlal Nehru enacted the inauguration of Indian Constitution.
HM, Ms Priya D’Souza, briefed the students on significant features of our constitution. She also appealed students to make their own rule book/constitution for their own classes. This was to make student understand the concept of “By the People, Of the people, For the people”.

  Cleanliness Day-2017

DATE: 20 /11/2017 (MONDAY)
TIMINGS: 09:00 AM TO 10:20 AM

         As we all know that present days our nation is driving for a campaign of ‘Swachh Bharat Swasth Bharat’ and with this bright idea an enthusiastic effort was taken for cleanliness by the small children of ‘Ashoka Universal School’, Sinnar on 20th November. The Sr K.G. Children of Pre-Primary holding placards on their hand with different captions such as ‘Swachh Bhara t Abhiyan’, ’Cleanliness is next to Godliness’, ’Clean India, Green India’and many more watch words, undertook cleanliness drive in the Vicinity of Aishwarya Temple at Sinnar. Now this movement has become very popular in masses. There is much talk on it. The children of Ashoka also drew the attention of the masses while they were practically cleaning the garden area by picking up dried leaves, paper wrapper and throwing them into the dustbin, shouting slogans etc The Junior Kg. Children undertook the drive for cleaning the school garden, wiping of swings with cloth and cleaning classrooms while the Nursery children cleaned the sports ground picking up litters from the ground also cleaned classrooms.  The awareness and experience they got during this campaign and activity is really exceptional.

  Making of Equatorial Sundial Watch & Hydro-Rocketry by AUSAO

" Making of Equatorial Sundial Watch &  Hydro- Rocketry by AUSAO " activity was conducted on 11th October for students of Grades- VII - VIII both Campus (Wadala +Chandsi). It was an Hands-on activity in which the students made Sundial & measure the time which was verified also. It was informative  session along with a  fun for the students. The students understood the mechanism & working of the Sun dial.
Along with this Propulsion of Hydro-Rocket was conducted in which the students launched the Hydro-Rocket & learn the principle, mechanism behind it.Irfan Ansari sir took the efforts for the same so a special thanks to Irfan sir.
The activity was successfully conducted by AUSAO team members ( Vikram Joshi , Archana Yeole, Dilip Thakur  at Physics lab & AUSAO observatory ( Wadala  campus)

  Observing the Sun & Hydro-Rocketry by AUSAO

" Observing the Sun &  Hydro-Rocketry by AUSAO " activity was conducted  on 18th October for students of Grades- IX - XI & V - VI (AGA) at  Campus (Wadala +Chandsi+AGA) Students observed the Sun & Sunspots by Projection method & with filters .It was informative  session along with a  fun for the students in which students were told about the reasons for the sunspots on the sun.
Along with this Propulsion of Hydro-Rocket was conducted in which the students launched the Hydro-Rocket & learn the principle , mechanism behind it.Special thanks to Irfan Ansari sir for taking special efforts for the same.
The activity was successfully conducted by AUSAO team members ( Vikram Joshi , Archana Yeole, Dilip Thakur  at Physics Lab & AUSAO Observatory (Wadala Campus)

  Making of Wrist Sundial Watch & Sky Gazing Events at AUSAO Observatory-2017

Making of Wrist Sundial Watch & Sky Gazing Events at  AUSAO observatory " activity was conducted  on 4the October & 5th October  for students of Grades- V - VI both Campus (Wadala +Chandsi). It was an Hands on activity in which the students made Sundial which can fit on their Wrist & measure the time which was verified also. It was informative  session along with a  fun for the students. The students understood the mechanism & working of the Sun dial. The activity was successfully conducted by AUSAO team members ( Vikram Joshi , Archana Yeole, Dilip Thakur  at Physics lab & AUSAO observatory ( Wadala  Campus).

  Children's Day 2017

DATE: 14 /11/2017 (TUESDAY)
TIMINGS  : 11:00 AM TO 11:30 AM
“Children’s Day”
             14th of November 2017, on the Birthday of our former Pioneer Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, ‘The Ashoka Universal ‘School, Sinnar celebrated the ‘Children’s Day’ festival. The main attraction of this festival was the presence of the students of Zapwadi Zila Parishad School, Sinnar. The Students and the Educators of AUS Sinnar heartily welcomed their guest students. The programme began with the enchanting performance of coral songs ‘Nehru Chacha, Nehru Chacha’ by the students of Ashoka.
The educators also explained to the children about the importance of the ‘Children’s Day’ and Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, who was extremely fond of the children. Later on the children of Nursery, Jr.K.G & Sr.K.G performed their dance. The star of the performers was the students of Zila Parishad School, while they mesmerized the entire audiences with their beautiful melodically dance. The children of Ashoka felicitated the guest students by presenting red rose as a token of love to them. Our respected Coordinator Maam also rewarded the students by giving them the badge of golden stars.
The Programme ended with inspiring speech by Mr Dhotrak of Zapwadi School and he also showed his gratitude to the school.

  Folk Dance Competition, AUS Sinnar-2017

DATE: 17 /11/2017 (FRIDAY)
TIMINGS: 10:00 AM TO 11:40 AM
The Inter-Class Folk Dance Competition: 
An inter-class folk dance competition was held on 17.11.17 at Ashoka Universal School, Sinnar for students of 1st and 2nd in the school assembly hall. The Students dressed in colorful ethnic costumes swayed to the beats of folk music. Twirling toes, rhythmic footwork along with the beat of music kept the audience enthralled. The Judge for the event was Dr. D.M. Gadakh, President of Lions Club, Sinnar. The Grade 1st – A and B performed Goan (Goa) and Koli (Marathi) dance followed by 2nd – A and B Bhangra (Punjabi) and Choliya (Uttarakhand) dance respectively. The competition concluded with the motivational speech by Dr. D.M. Gadakh. He also showed his gratefulness towards the school for imbibing the culture and tradition within the children at a small age giving an instance for service to the society regardless profit.
Winners are Grade IB (Goan) & IIB (Uttarakhand)

  E+ News: Homibhabha Young Scientist 1st Level Result

Ashoka Universal School, Wadala
Result of Homibhabh Young Scientist Competition, Yr. 2017-18 (Wadala Branch)
Written Exam Result (Exam was conducted on 16th Sept. 2017)
Sr. No. Name of Students Class Marks
(Out of 100)
of the
9 Mast. KASAT AMAN PAWAN IX 67 Selected
of the

  Congratulations to Ashoka Universal School (AUS) Cricket Team on a significant victory

  Dusshera Celebration and Garba with Grand Parent Celebration

Date: 29/09/2017 ( Friday)
Timings: 10:30 am to 12:30 pm
Venue: School Ground
Participants: Nursery to Grade -VA.
Dress code: Traditional wear

The Dusshera Festival  

India is known as a land of festivals and celebration. Many of the Hindu festivals are related to great epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata. Dushera is one of the main ones. In fact, it is believed that the war between Ram & Ravana went on during these ten days and Ravana was killed by the hands of Ram on the tenth day. Dushera is also called Vijayadashami and is celebrated as a victory of Goddess Durga over the demon Mahisasura. The Festival of Dushera falls in the month of September or October of the English calendar. The main message it gives is a victory of good over evil and success of truth over lies.
  With this spirit and enthusiasm, the Ashoka Universal School of Sinnar comes forward to celebrate this festival on 29th September 2017, both with the students and their grandparents as well. Grandparents were also invited to be a part of this celebration. The effigy of Ravana was burnt by the hands of the grandparents. The celebration was followed by the Garba dance performance of the grandparents & students of AUS Sinnar.
Before burning the Effigy of Ravana, speeches in Marathi and Hindi were delivered by the educators making known the Importance of Dussehra. The overwhelmed grandparents not only expressed their views over truth wins in the long run especially to their grandsons and daughters but also showed their gratitude towards the educators for celebrating this grand festival.

  Diwali Celebration

Date: 13/10/2017 ( Friday)
Timings: 10:30 am to 12:30 pm
Venue: Assembly Hall
Participants: Nursery to  Grade -VA.
Dress code: Traditional wear /Party Wear

Ashoka Universal School, Sinnar celebrated the Diwali festival with the students on 13 October 2017. Students of Pre-primary were in traditional wear and Students of Primary were in Party wear. On this festival, the Art & Craft department made an arrangement of "Diya decoration " for the Primary students and later gifted the Diyas to the supporting staffs and the students of Pre-primary made beautiful and colorful takeaway card for Diwali.  The festival concluded with the excellent Dance Drama presented by the educators on "Ramayana". The educators not only conveyed the message 'Truth wins over lies' but also gave emphasis on Eco-friendly Diwali.

  Swimming Achievements, Ashoka Universal School-2017

Competition level:
State Level ICSE  Inter School, Mumbai
Venue :- Jamnabai Narse School,Mumbai

Achievements  :
Kimaya  Ahirrao :
3rd in 100mt Breast Stroke

*   Ovi Sahane :
2nd in 50mt Breast stoke
1st in 50mt Free style  

79TH Senior and Lower age group state Aquatic competition 2017 ,Dhule
 Ovi Sahane (age group under 8)

Atmaja Shhane( under 12)
1st in 4 x 50mt Free style

  Report on "Significance of World Space Week"

Ashoka Universal School, Wadala launched T shirts carrying a logo of their Astronomy club, namely, AUSAO. In a brief function that was presided by Ms. Apurva Jhakdi, who has several merits and achievements to her credit, and is presently on the advisory panel of the school, the launch of the T shirt carrying the logo was received with much applause and appreciation. Ms. Jhakdi, addressing the students emphasized on the importance of astronomy and how the universe is filled with manifold wonders to unfold. She called upon the students to take active interest in solving the mysteries of the universe. Students took home much learning from her speech and the audience was left feeling amazed at the thought that the universe held such great mysteries within itself, waiting to be solved. The AUSAO T Shirt was launched by the Chief Guest, Ms. Apurva Jhakdi, joined by the Vice-Principal Mrs. Shallu Sethi and Headmistress ISC, Mrs. Renuka Joshi. To make this event a grand success pain taking efforts were taken by Mrs. Jael Priscilla, Mr.Vikram Joshi, Mr.Sai Rathod and Mr. Dilip Thakur The Management of the school was thoroughly delighted with the launch and wished best of luck to the students besides congratulating the AUSAO team for their efforts.

  Achiever in Chess Competition 2017-18

Student of Ashoka Universal School, chandsi Mst. Kaushik Salsingikar of grade VI participated in DSO inter school U/14 boy district level chess competition on 19 September 2017 at Minatai Thakrey Hall Panchavati. In this competition Kaushik secured 1st Rank in Taluka level & 2nd Rank in District level and selected for Divisional level Chess competition. Congratulations to him for his outstanding and zealous performance in chess Competition.

  News Article- Achiever in Fencing Competition 2017-18

Student of Ashoka Global Academy, Chandsi, Miss. Aadhya Aher  of grade IV participated in “Second Child National Championship’’ U /10 Girls National level Fencing competition held on 6th to 8th October 2017, at Nasik, Mahesh Bhavan, Cidco. In this competition Miss. Aadhya Aher secured Silver Medal in this National level Competition.
Congratulations to her for her outstanding and zealous performance.

  AUSAO-Sky Gazing Activity

 As per the planning in AUSAO calendar, " Sky Gazing Activity as a part of World Space Week Celebrations started from today. First event was completed today (5/10/2017) . It was a fun-learning activity for the students. Students viewed  Moon , Saturn & constellations as well .The activity was successfully conducted by AUSAO team members ( Vikram Joshi  , Archana Yeole, Dilip Thakur at Wadala campus.

  News Article- Achievers in Karate 2017-18

News Article- Achievers in Karate 2017-18

Ashoka Universal School, Chandsi, takes pride and pleasure to announce the mesmerising participation of our students in NATIONAL LEVEL CHAMPIONSHIP – 2017, on 10th   Sept 2017. At  Priyadarshani  Sports  Complex Mulund  {Mumbai}.Our  Coach Mr. Rajesh Gupta trained and accompanied the students to the championship, under Guidance of Respected HM Ms Priya D’Souza and Hon. Principal Mrs Priya Rajwade.
AUS, Chandsi, Congratulates the team and the student for the scintillating performance in the championship.
The champions:-
Mst Rohan Ghatule {4th class} won Two Gold Medal. Ms Radha Aghav{3rd class} won Bronze Medal. Ms Rajeshwari Chavan{3rd class} won  Bronze Medal. Mst Vanshika Kaurani{8th class} Won Silver Medal. Mst Arya Jain{6th class} won Silver and Bronze Medal. Ms Nidhi Tapadia {6th class} won Silver and Bronze Medal. Ms Sambhavi  Lohate {6th class} won Silver Medal. Mst Avdhoot {5th class} won Gold Medal. Mst Vedant Tejwani {5th class} won Gold Medal. Mst Subodh Pai {6th class}Won Gold medal at the championship.


  Swimming AISM/ICSE Competition 2017-18

Students of Ashoka Universal School, Chandsi have shown their outstanding talent once again. Two students participated in the Two-days State level Swimming competition named FOURTEENTH AISM ISC / ICSE INTERSCHOOL AQUATIC CHAMPIONSHIP 2017 (ASSOCIATION OF ISC / ICSE SCHOOLS OF MAHARASHTRA).
Mst. Vedant Sanjeev Patil won the Silver Medal in 100/200 meter Breaststroke. The event was held at the Ozone club, Nnirlon Olympic Municipal swimming pool, Siddharth nagar, Goregaon(W), Mumbai on 11th Sept to 12th Sept.
Hearty congratulations to our students for their outstanding performance and zealous participation.

  Best performance of Ashoka Universal School, Chandsi in Street Play-2017

Ashokites from Chandsi branch grabbed the trophy for The Best Performance in ‘Street Play Competition’ held on Saturday 19th September.This competition was organized by Interact Young Consumers Conference. It was a mega event organized by Rotary Club of Bombay Sea face and Council for Fair Business Practices.

The School Rotary Interact coordinator Mrs. Archana Yeole trained the students on the topic  “Water is Precious, Save it now”. Mrs Manjusha Dixit and Mr Rajesh Gupta also helped in enhancing this students’ performance.
AUS, Chandsi, congratulates the students for their scintillating performance.
Hon. Principal Mrs. Priya Rajwade, HM Mr. Pramod Tripathi congratulated all participants for their achievement.

  Brilliant Performance of Ashoka Champs at DSO Athletics Championship-2017

Athletes of Ashoka Universal School, Chandsi, have shown their brilliant performance at the DSO District Level -Ms.Shravani Sangale won a Gold Medal in 200mtr, one Silver Medal in 400 mtr and another Silver Medal in 600 mtr run. -Mst. Aryan Yeole Bagged a Silver Medal in the Long Jump.They have been selected for Division Level, which will be held on 26th to 28th Sept.,at Minatai Thakare Stadium, Nashik. CoachMr. Balasaheb Shirfule trained and accompanied the students for the championship. School Management, Principal and HMs wish them all the best for their outstanding performance in the upcoming championship.

  Football Matches 2017-18

Students of Ashoka Universal School, Chandsi have shown their outstanding talent once again. Mst. Dirgh Brahmecha of Grade VI participated and won the Best Goal Keeper award in the enthralling Football League match in U-12 age group. The league matches were held on 6th of September, 2017 organised by Fravashi School at Boys Town school ground, Nasik. Defender Miss.Mansi Andhale (Grade IX) and Goal keeper Miss.Rutuja Tadge (Grade IX) got selected for D.S.O Interschool Divisional Level Tournament, in the Interschool Football matches U- 17 age group held on 23rd August at Barnes school ground. Congratulations to our students for their outstanding performance and zealous participation.

  Visit to AUSAO observatory & Introduction to the Telescope & its Working

'Visit to AUSAO observatory & introduction to the telescope & its working' activity was conducted on 23rd Sept.2017 for students of Grades- VIII both Campus (Wadala & Chandsi) .This activity was Pre-poned as it was to be conducted on 30th Sept 2017 & it is a holiday on account of Dusshera.It was an informative session along with fun for the students. The students understood the mechanism & working of the telescope & the motorized dome of the AUSAO observatory as they will soon be gazing the sky in October during the sky gazing events planned in AUSAO calendar.The activity was successfully conducted by AUSAO team members ( Vikram Joshi , Archana Yeole, Dilip Thakur at Physics lab & AUSAO observatory)

  Inter House Folk Dance Competition, Chandsi Branch-2017

Inter House Folk Dance Competition

The Folkdances are not only the exclusive art of a particular community, but also an asset of India's cultural heritage. With the aim of giving insight of the regional heritage to the students and honing the dancing skills of the students, an Inter-House Folk Dance competition was organised in the school campus by Ashoka Universal School, Chandsi, under the theme “Being Indian”, Students of class III to V participated in the theme culmination competition.

Children took part with great enthusiasm and performed their traditional group dance. All the section educators along with a dance educator trained the students. The vivacious dancers set the floor on fire with their energetic performances. The fun filled extravaganza offered folk dance forms of Rajasthan, Punjab, Gujarat, Assam, & Maharashtra. It represented wonderful ways of expressing the culture and unique traditions.

The spectators bore witness to enthusiasm and energy of the young dancers as they enthralled everyone with their performances. The adjudicators, Mr Bhushan Bansole & Mr Krishna Kumawat highly complemented the efforts put in by all four houses. In the closely contested competition, Blue House- Benevolence claimed 1st position. Head Mistress Mrs. Priya D’souza felicitated the judges and extended her gratitude for sparing their valuable time for the school and students.

  Ashokities Bag Medals in Judo at AISM Championship, Mumbai-2017

Ashokities Bag Medals in Judo at AISM Championship

Students of Ashoka Universal School went into action under their coach, Mr. Swapnil Shinde, producing some brilliant Judo in AISM championship held in Mumbai.

There were a host of standout performances from the team which included: Ms.Vaishnavi Chaudhari (Gold Medal); Gururaj Patil (Silver Medal); Anirudh Rupvate (Silver Medal); Tanishq Kajale (Bronze Medal); Sirat Waliya (Bronze Medal); Tanisha Punjabi (Bronze Medal)

Ashokities showed tremendous heart and desire to power their way to the winning medals. Well done to the whole team!! A wonderful achievement by the Students of Ashoka Universal School & the Judo coach.

  Champion smashes his way to State Championship in Table Tennis-2017

Championship in Table Tennis

Chirayu Lunkad, studying in Grade VIII at Ashoka Universal School won the divisional matches & has been selected for the state-level tournament to be played at Nanded starting from 20th September 2017.

Ashoka Universal School is proud of his achievement & wishes him best of luck for future tournaments.

  International Fencing Competition - 2017

Ashoka Universal School churns out Global Champions at International Fencing Championship

Four of Ashoka’s finest fencing players represented India in 2nd TFF Minime Series & Asian Cadet Fencing Championship 2017 that was held between 8th - 13th September 2017 at Fahion Island Hall, Bangkok Thailand.

Dazzling at this tournament were the 8th graders - Shravya Aher, Aarushi Raikar, Vedant Pawar and 9th grader - Aditi Sonawne, all from Ashoka Universal School. Bringing glory and pride to the country and overwhelming the school, Shravya Aher, bagged Silver Medal for India in the ‘Fencing Foil Individual Event’. She secured an overall 2nd Rank in the International Championship. Kudos to her. Besides her, Aarushi Raikar secured an overall 10th Rank, Aditi sonawane secured an overall 14th Rank and Vedant Pawar secured an overall 19th Rank at a Global level. These students have clearly proved through this championship that hard work and dedication always endures fruitful rewards.

The sportsmen of Ashoka firmly believe in the philosophy that medals are made of sweat, determination and perseverance. Hence our coaches ensure that the students are trained proficiently for a wide array of sports and activities offered by the school.

Ashoka once again congratulates its students for winning laurels for India through their impeccable performance and wishes them the best for future.

  Being Indian-in true spirit 2017-18

Being Indian - in true spirit

Under the theme of the month Being Indian, students of Ashoka Universal School, chandsi took patronagege to spread message of clean Indian- Green India. The arts students of secondary section painted the boundary wall of Borstal School of Nasik appealing all the citizens to join the campaign and be an ideal Indian Citizen. They also wrote good thoughts on the school and dispensary building of Borstal School. The efforts were really appreciated by the citizens who came and congratulated the Team, HM’s, Principal and Management to initiate the noble movement. The campaign was enthusiastically ventured and completed by the students and team of the school.

  Achievers in District Level Kick Boxing Tournament - 2017

Achievers in District Level Kick Boxing Tournament

Ashoka Universal School, Chandsi, takes pride and pleasure to announce the Achievements of our students at The 26th NASHIK CITY & DISTRICT KICK BOXING CHAMPIONSHIP – 2017, held on 30th July. 2017. At Meenatai Thakare Stadium Nashik.Our coach Mr. Rajesh Gupta trained and accompanied the students to the championship, under Guidance of Hon. Principal Mrs Priya Rajwade, HMs Ms Priya D’Souza and Mr. Pramod Tripathi.

AUS, Chandsi, congratulates the students and the coach for the scintillating performance in the championship.

---- The Achievers ----

Gold Medallists

Mst Rohan Ghatule{4th class} Mst Poojan Bhansali{6th class} Ms Vanshik Kaurani{8th class} Mst Harjyot Singh{5th class} Ms Komal jain{9th class} Mst Devraj Gangurde{6th class} and Mst Ram chaudhary{3rd class}

Silver Medallists

Mst Bhuvan Parakh{2nd class}Mst Rishikesh Pawar{3rd class} Ms Nidhi Tapadia{6th class} Mst Neal Tapadia{3rd class} Mst Subodh Pai{6th class} and Mst Ved Kulthe{6th class}

Bronze Medallists

Mst Ayush avhade{2nd class} Mst Swaaraj Jategaonkar{5th class} Mst Apurv Bhalerao{5th class}Ms Sambhavi Lohate{6th class} Mst Arya Jain{6th class}Mst Athrav Tattar{4th class}and Ms Rajeshwari Chavahan{4th class}

Participation Certificates

Mst Abhinay Ugale{5th class}Mst Kabeer Bhansali{2nd class}Mst devank Dagale{2nd class}Mst Puskar Mundada{4th class}Mst Aditya Bagade{6th class}Mst Avdhoot Lohate{5th class}Ms Bhakti Muttha{3rd class} Mst Namish Bafana{4th class} and Mst Sarthak Nerkar{6th class}

  Field trip to Jawaharlal Nehru Botanical garden - 2017

Field trip to Jawaharlal Nehru Botanical garden

The Grade 3rd to 5th students of Ashoka Universal School, Chandsi, had a fun-filled and stimulating visit to Jawaharlal Nehru Botanical garden on 1st September, 2017, as part of their educational field visit. The objective of this visit was to acquire the knowledge of different plants, their botanical names and germination of seeds, and to create awareness about the environment amongst the students.

Jawaharlal Nehru Van Udyan, the first-of-its-kind botanical garden, is located at the base of Pandavleni Caves, on the Mumbai-Agra Highway. The garden spreads across the forest department's 93 hectare land, attracting hordes of tourists for recreational and study purposes. The entire forest land lights up in vibrant colours depicting changes in the day and different seasons of the year, sending across the message of forest conservation.

The students enthusiastically departed for the fieldtrip in buses from the school at 9.20 a.m. along with the Head Mistress, Ms. Priya D’souza, the Coordinator, Ms. Simran Amesur and the teachers. The support staff and teachers ensured that proper care was taken of the children. The ambiance at the garden was lush green with lots of trees and plants. Students were delighted to watch various plants and were amazed with the botanical names of the trees. Students also learned about the birds and their natural habitat. At the museum, students got to know about different species of poisonous and non-poisonous snakes, the eggs of various birds and the horns of the various animals.

The day long field trip proved to be very informative and exciting for the students, giving them an interesting practical exposure about the otherwise theoretical concepts. They learnt the importance of preserving the forest and saving animals as they are an important part of our ecosystem.

  AUSAO Activity : Telling time Using Moonlight - 2017

Telling time Using Moonlight Activity

As per the planning in AUSAO calendar, "Telling time Using Moonlight Activity" was conducted from 9:00 am to 10:45 am on 2nd Sept. 2017. It was a fun-learning activity for the students of both the campuses, Wadala & Chandsi. Students made the moon-clock & Moon phase telling device. The enthusiasm was such that 99% of the students were present for the activity, though it was a holiday.

The activity was successfully conducted by AUSAO team members ( Vikram Joshi, Archana Yeole, Dilip Thakur) at Ashoka Universal School, Wadala campus. Even it was a holiday 99 % students were present.

AUSAO Club would like to thank all the authorities & colleagues for their extended support.

  Ganpati Visarjan at Ashoka Universal School-2017

Ganpati Visarjan Celebration at Ashoka Universal School

Ashoka Universal School celebrated Ganesh Visarjan with much pomp and show amidst beats of the dhol and a spectacular dance performance by students of the Primary section. Students were given information about the importance of keeping eco-friendly ganpati idols, which would dissolve when immersed in water, and the same water can then be used to water plants. In short, they were advised to use idols made of shadumati, and refrain from keeping and immersing idols that would remain afloat on the water, which would harm our environment.

  Ganesh Chaturthi / Visarjan - 2017-18

Ganesh Chaturthi / Visarjan

Date : 29/08/2017 (Tuesday)
Classes : Nursery to Grade V-A
Venue : Assembly Hall and Grounds
Dress code for Pre-Primary : Traditional wear
Dress code for Primary : Sports Uniform

One of the most popular festivals of India is Ganesh Chaturthi. Many Hindus celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi at home by worshipping an idol of Lord Ganesha followed by regular aarti and offerings of modak, the favourite sweet of Lord Ganesha. The long ears of Ganesha signify that he hears whatever his devotees say to him. The elephant head of Ganesha signifies wisdom. Before starting any auspicious task in India, Lord Ganesha is worshipped

The same festival with maximum grandeur is witnessed in Ashoka universal School, Sinnar while the students of this school installed colourfully decorated idols of ‘Lord Ganesha’. The occasion becomes very lively and enthusiastic with the devotional songs and regular aarti and offerings of modak. The Students celebrated this festival for five days and at last it ends with the visarjan of Lord ‘Bappa’.

Ganesh Visarjan is the last day of the Ganesh festival. It’s a day of long processions filled with pomp and splendour when the Ganesh idol is taken to the school premises for the eco-friendly emersion. Some Students swayed with dance and others played dhol and tasha. As the day draws to a close, chants of “Ganpati Bappa Morya! Pudhcya varshi lavkar ya!” (see you soon the next year) fill the air. The excitement and the energy defy how crowded the school premises actually are. It feels like the Ganesh idol, resplendent with his charming demeanour, is showering a bountiful of blessings on the devotees.

  Training on Sports Nutrition

Training on Sports Nutrition

Training on Sports Nutrition and how it helps in Developing Performance was conducted for various sports teams by Dr.Dinesh Sabnis between 25th July to 4th August 2017, in Ashoka Universal School, Wadala. An encouraging number of 310 students from various games attended this training and said to have benefited from it.

The training was designed to enable the students to understand the need for nutrition, which in turn will help enhance performance. The aim of the training was to boost the performance of the students in sports through a nutrition customized for their needs.

  Activity : Pola Celebration - 2017

Activity : Pola Celebration - 2017

Classes : Nursery, Jr.K.G & Sr. K.G ,

Date : 21st August, 2017 ( Monday)   Timing : 11:00 am- 12:00 noon

Venue : School Ground

Dress Code : Traditional wear

Pola Festival

The Pre-Primary Children of Ashoka Universal School, Sinnar celebrated the “Pola Festival” with a great interest on 21.08.17. The children were seen in traditional outfits as villagers. The educators explained the importance of the festival and how it is celebrated. They also presented a real bullock and got them fed by the hands of the tiny tots in presence of educators with a great care.

Pola is a festival of Maharashtra. It is generally celebrated by the farmers for their cattle especially for the bullocks. Bullocks are the hard working animals of many others and it serves the farmers with all their might throughout the year. At this time farmers pay their gratitude by worshiping, feeding and giving bath to their cattle that bears the burden of their workload for the farmers.

  Activity : Clay Workshop -2017

Activity : Clay Workshop - 2017

Classes : Grade IA, IB, IIA, IIB, IIIA,IIIB, IVA,VA

Date : 21st August, 2017 (Monday)     Timing : 09;00 am- 12:30pm

Venue : Assembly Hall

The Art Educators of Ashoka Universal School, Sinnar arranged for an ‘Idol’ making workshop for students of Primary section on the dated 21.08.17 at Assembly hall of the school campus. The educators accumulated a heap of ‘Shadu mitti’ (shadu Clay) for the children. The children made the replica of ‘Ganapati Bappa’ in various shapes and designs with the touch of their hands under the guidance of the educators. They tried to mould a shape of ‘Lord Ganesha’ with their creative mind as the Lord resides in their head and heart. It was an astonishing experience of the educators on seeing students’ creativity.

  Cyber Security Awareness Programme-2017

Cyber Security Awareness Programme 2017

"Cyber Security Awareness Programme" was conducted in Ashoka Universal School, on 20th August, 2017, as an initiative of Police Public Partnership. Eminent dignitaries like The Commissioner of Police; Dr. Ravindra Kumar Singhal, Senior Police Inspector; Mr. Anil Pawar, Police Sub Inspector; Mr. Deepak Desale, Police Constable; Mr. Bhushan Deshmukh, Vice-Principal(Ashoka Universal School, Wadala); Mrs. Shallu Sethi, ISC Headmistress(Ashoka Universal School, Wadala), Mrs. Renuka Joshi and the Cyber Ambassadors graced the programme.

"Cyber Security Awareness Club" was inaugurated by Dr. Ravindra Kumar Singhal, who in his speech gave valuable inputs and expert comments on how to use the digital applications safely. Mrs. Vaishali Balajiwale commenced the proceedings of the event. The Cyber Ambassadors shared their findings and provided some safety tips to our students. Videos and real life experiences along with an interactive session were the highlights of this successful event.

  Krishna Janmashtami Celebrations - 2017

Krishna Janmashtami Celebrations - 2017

 Date : 14th August, 2017

 Venue : School Campus

Krishna Janmashtami (Lord Krishna”s Birth day) also known as Krishnashtami, Saatam Aatham, Gokulashtami, Ashtami Rohini, Srikrishna Jayanti, Sree Jayanti. Celebrated on the eighth day of Savana month, Janmashtami marks the birth of Lord Krishna, an avatar of Lord Vishnu.

AUS, Chandsi family celebrated Janmashtami with passion and zeal on August 14th, 2017 during a special assembly at Amphitheatre. Students of different classes celebrated Janmashtami with different activities. The students of Grade I & II learned the values of team work, determination, sharing and caring after watching the visual delight of "Krishna Makhan Chor". Students of Grade III - V painted T-shirts with acronyms of KRISHNA i.e. K-Kind, R-Right, I-Insightful, S-Saviour, H-Humble, N-Novel & A-Adorable. Students of Grade VI - XI recited the Shlokas from Shrimad Bhagavat Geeta, chapter 18 which consists of 78 verses. Different groups were made wherein one group of students recited the shlokas and the other group presented a demonstration of it.

The wisdom as well as naughtiness of Lord Krishna was infused in the entire event, making it fun and frolic. This celebration created awareness about Indian traditions, customs and culture. It conveyed the strong message "Victory of good over evil and Work is Worship". Children celebrated the occasion dancing with great joy. To sum it up, the day was enjoyed by the students and all the staff members.

  AUSAO (Ashoka Universal School Astronomical Observatory) Induction Program.

AUSAO (Ashoka Universal School Astronomical Observatory) Induction Program.

An Induction program was arranged for the selected members of the Astronomy Club of Ashoka Universal School (AUSAO). The AUSAO yearly calendar was launched on this occasion.

The Chief Guest for the program was Mrs Apurva Jhakdi (NASA Space educator & Advisory member of AUSAO). She motivated the students towards the field of Astronomy & Astrophysics. During the induction program students of the AUSAO club interacted with Apurv Joshi, final year B.TECH student of COEP Pune .He shared his experience about the liasoning and guidance with ISRO experts and level of perseverance and dedication required during research while making of PICO series experimental communication satellite 'SWAYAM' which was completely developed by the COEP students during period of over six years, and launched in the skies by ISRO on 23rd June 2016.

Along with this Mrs. Priya Rajwade (Principal), Mrs Shalu Sethi (Vice Principal), Mrs. Renuka Joshi (ISC HM) congratulated the students on becoming the members of the AUSAO club & suggested to aspire careers in the field of Astronomy

The induction program was planned and executed by Mr. Dilip Thakur (Head of Dept) & Mr. Vikram Joshi.

  AUSAO Activity in Ashoka Universal School

AUSAO Activity in Ashoka Universal School

Ashoka Universal School Astronomical Observatory (AUSAO) conducted an activity "Modelling of Night Sky" in Ashoka Universal School,Wadala & Chandsi branch. The session was conducted by Mr. Dilip Thakur & Mr. Vikram Joshi for the students of Grade V & VI. The students enjoyed the session & gathered a lot of important information. The feedback given by students was awesome.

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