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  International Fencing Competition - 2017

Ashoka Universal School churns out Global Champions at International Fencing Championship

Four of Ashoka’s finest fencing players represented India in 2nd TFF Minime Series & Asian Cadet Fencing Championship 2017 that was held between 8th - 13th September 2017 at Fahion Island Hall, Bangkok Thailand.

Dazzling at this tournament were the 8th graders - Shravya Aher, Aarushi Raikar, Vedant Pawar and 9th grader - Aditi Sonawne, all from Ashoka Universal School. Bringing glory and pride to the country and overwhelming the school, Shravya Aher, bagged Silver Medal for India in the ‘Fencing Foil Individual Event’. She secured an overall 2nd Rank in the International Championship. Kudos to her. Besides her, Aarushi Raikar secured an overall 10th Rank, Aditi sonawane secured an overall 14th Rank and Vedant Pawar secured an overall 19th Rank at a Global level. These students have clearly proved through this championship that hard work and dedication always endures fruitful rewards.

The sportsmen of Ashoka firmly believe in the philosophy that medals are made of sweat, determination and perseverance. Hence our coaches ensure that the students are trained proficiently for a wide array of sports and activities offered by the school.

Ashoka once again congratulates its students for winning laurels for India through their impeccable performance and wishes them the best for future.

  Being Indian-in true spirit 2017-18

Being Indian - in true spirit

Under the theme of the month Being Indian, students of Ashoka Universal School, chandsi took patronagege to spread message of clean Indian- Green India. The arts students of secondary section painted the boundary wall of Borstal School of Nasik appealing all the citizens to join the campaign and be an ideal Indian Citizen. They also wrote good thoughts on the school and dispensary building of Borstal School. The efforts were really appreciated by the citizens who came and congratulated the Team, HM’s, Principal and Management to initiate the noble movement. The campaign was enthusiastically ventured and completed by the students and team of the school.

  Achievers in District Level Kick Boxing Tournament - 2017

Achievers in District Level Kick Boxing Tournament

Ashoka Universal School, Chandsi, takes pride and pleasure to announce the Achievements of our students at The 26th NASHIK CITY & DISTRICT KICK BOXING CHAMPIONSHIP – 2017, held on 30th July. 2017. At Meenatai Thakare Stadium Nashik.Our coach Mr. Rajesh Gupta trained and accompanied the students to the championship, under Guidance of Hon. Principal Mrs Priya Rajwade, HMs Ms Priya D’Souza and Mr. Pramod Tripathi.

AUS, Chandsi, congratulates the students and the coach for the scintillating performance in the championship.

---- The Achievers ----

Gold Medallists

Mst Rohan Ghatule{4th class} Mst Poojan Bhansali{6th class} Ms Vanshik Kaurani{8th class} Mst Harjyot Singh{5th class} Ms Komal jain{9th class} Mst Devraj Gangurde{6th class} and Mst Ram chaudhary{3rd class}

Silver Medallists

Mst Bhuvan Parakh{2nd class}Mst Rishikesh Pawar{3rd class} Ms Nidhi Tapadia{6th class} Mst Neal Tapadia{3rd class} Mst Subodh Pai{6th class} and Mst Ved Kulthe{6th class}

Bronze Medallists

Mst Ayush avhade{2nd class} Mst Swaaraj Jategaonkar{5th class} Mst Apurv Bhalerao{5th class}Ms Sambhavi Lohate{6th class} Mst Arya Jain{6th class}Mst Athrav Tattar{4th class}and Ms Rajeshwari Chavahan{4th class}

Participation Certificates

Mst Abhinay Ugale{5th class}Mst Kabeer Bhansali{2nd class}Mst devank Dagale{2nd class}Mst Puskar Mundada{4th class}Mst Aditya Bagade{6th class}Mst Avdhoot Lohate{5th class}Ms Bhakti Muttha{3rd class} Mst Namish Bafana{4th class} and Mst Sarthak Nerkar{6th class}

  Field trip to Jawaharlal Nehru Botanical garden - 2017

Field trip to Jawaharlal Nehru Botanical garden

The Grade 3rd to 5th students of Ashoka Universal School, Chandsi, had a fun-filled and stimulating visit to Jawaharlal Nehru Botanical garden on 1st September, 2017, as part of their educational field visit. The objective of this visit was to acquire the knowledge of different plants, their botanical names and germination of seeds, and to create awareness about the environment amongst the students.

Jawaharlal Nehru Van Udyan, the first-of-its-kind botanical garden, is located at the base of Pandavleni Caves, on the Mumbai-Agra Highway. The garden spreads across the forest department's 93 hectare land, attracting hordes of tourists for recreational and study purposes. The entire forest land lights up in vibrant colours depicting changes in the day and different seasons of the year, sending across the message of forest conservation.

The students enthusiastically departed for the fieldtrip in buses from the school at 9.20 a.m. along with the Head Mistress, Ms. Priya D’souza, the Coordinator, Ms. Simran Amesur and the teachers. The support staff and teachers ensured that proper care was taken of the children. The ambiance at the garden was lush green with lots of trees and plants. Students were delighted to watch various plants and were amazed with the botanical names of the trees. Students also learned about the birds and their natural habitat. At the museum, students got to know about different species of poisonous and non-poisonous snakes, the eggs of various birds and the horns of the various animals.

The day long field trip proved to be very informative and exciting for the students, giving them an interesting practical exposure about the otherwise theoretical concepts. They learnt the importance of preserving the forest and saving animals as they are an important part of our ecosystem.

  AUSAO Activity : Telling time Using Moonlight - 2017

Telling time Using Moonlight Activity

As per the planning in AUSAO calendar, "Telling time Using Moonlight Activity" was conducted from 9:00 am to 10:45 am on 2nd Sept. 2017. It was a fun-learning activity for the students of both the campuses, Wadala & Chandsi. Students made the moon-clock & Moon phase telling device. The enthusiasm was such that 99% of the students were present for the activity, though it was a holiday.

The activity was successfully conducted by AUSAO team members ( Vikram Joshi, Archana Yeole, Dilip Thakur) at Ashoka Universal School, Wadala campus. Even it was a holiday 99 % students were present.

AUSAO Club would like to thank all the authorities & colleagues for their extended support.

  Ganpati Visarjan at Ashoka Universal School-2017

Ganpati Visarjan Celebration at Ashoka Universal School

Ashoka Universal School celebrated Ganesh Visarjan with much pomp and show amidst beats of the dhol and a spectacular dance performance by students of the Primary section. Students were given information about the importance of keeping eco-friendly ganpati idols, which would dissolve when immersed in water, and the same water can then be used to water plants. In short, they were advised to use idols made of shadumati, and refrain from keeping and immersing idols that would remain afloat on the water, which would harm our environment.

  Ganesh Chaturthi / Visarjan - 2017-18

Ganesh Chaturthi / Visarjan

Date : 29/08/2017 (Tuesday)
Classes : Nursery to Grade V-A
Venue : Assembly Hall and Grounds
Dress code for Pre-Primary : Traditional wear
Dress code for Primary : Sports Uniform

One of the most popular festivals of India is Ganesh Chaturthi. Many Hindus celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi at home by worshipping an idol of Lord Ganesha followed by regular aarti and offerings of modak, the favourite sweet of Lord Ganesha. The long ears of Ganesha signify that he hears whatever his devotees say to him. The elephant head of Ganesha signifies wisdom. Before starting any auspicious task in India, Lord Ganesha is worshipped

The same festival with maximum grandeur is witnessed in Ashoka universal School, Sinnar while the students of this school installed colourfully decorated idols of ‘Lord Ganesha’. The occasion becomes very lively and enthusiastic with the devotional songs and regular aarti and offerings of modak. The Students celebrated this festival for five days and at last it ends with the visarjan of Lord ‘Bappa’.

Ganesh Visarjan is the last day of the Ganesh festival. It’s a day of long processions filled with pomp and splendour when the Ganesh idol is taken to the school premises for the eco-friendly emersion. Some Students swayed with dance and others played dhol and tasha. As the day draws to a close, chants of “Ganpati Bappa Morya! Pudhcya varshi lavkar ya!” (see you soon the next year) fill the air. The excitement and the energy defy how crowded the school premises actually are. It feels like the Ganesh idol, resplendent with his charming demeanour, is showering a bountiful of blessings on the devotees.

  Training on Sports Nutrition

Training on Sports Nutrition

Training on Sports Nutrition and how it helps in Developing Performance was conducted for various sports teams by Dr.Dinesh Sabnis between 25th July to 4th August 2017, in Ashoka Universal School, Wadala. An encouraging number of 310 students from various games attended this training and said to have benefited from it.

The training was designed to enable the students to understand the need for nutrition, which in turn will help enhance performance. The aim of the training was to boost the performance of the students in sports through a nutrition customized for their needs.

  Activity : Pola Celebration - 2017

Activity : Pola Celebration - 2017

Classes : Nursery, Jr.K.G & Sr. K.G ,

Date : 21st August, 2017 ( Monday)   Timing : 11:00 am- 12:00 noon

Venue : School Ground

Dress Code : Traditional wear

Pola Festival

The Pre-Primary Children of Ashoka Universal School, Sinnar celebrated the “Pola Festival” with a great interest on 21.08.17. The children were seen in traditional outfits as villagers. The educators explained the importance of the festival and how it is celebrated. They also presented a real bullock and got them fed by the hands of the tiny tots in presence of educators with a great care.

Pola is a festival of Maharashtra. It is generally celebrated by the farmers for their cattle especially for the bullocks. Bullocks are the hard working animals of many others and it serves the farmers with all their might throughout the year. At this time farmers pay their gratitude by worshiping, feeding and giving bath to their cattle that bears the burden of their workload for the farmers.

  Activity : Clay Workshop -2017

Activity : Clay Workshop - 2017

Classes : Grade IA, IB, IIA, IIB, IIIA,IIIB, IVA,VA

Date : 21st August, 2017 (Monday)     Timing : 09;00 am- 12:30pm

Venue : Assembly Hall

The Art Educators of Ashoka Universal School, Sinnar arranged for an ‘Idol’ making workshop for students of Primary section on the dated 21.08.17 at Assembly hall of the school campus. The educators accumulated a heap of ‘Shadu mitti’ (shadu Clay) for the children. The children made the replica of ‘Ganapati Bappa’ in various shapes and designs with the touch of their hands under the guidance of the educators. They tried to mould a shape of ‘Lord Ganesha’ with their creative mind as the Lord resides in their head and heart. It was an astonishing experience of the educators on seeing students’ creativity.

  Cyber Security Awareness Programme-2017

Cyber Security Awareness Programme 2017

"Cyber Security Awareness Programme" was conducted in Ashoka Universal School, on 20th August, 2017, as an initiative of Police Public Partnership. Eminent dignitaries like The Commissioner of Police; Dr. Ravindra Kumar Singhal, Senior Police Inspector; Mr. Anil Pawar, Police Sub Inspector; Mr. Deepak Desale, Police Constable; Mr. Bhushan Deshmukh, Vice-Principal(Ashoka Universal School, Wadala); Mrs. Shallu Sethi, ISC Headmistress(Ashoka Universal School, Wadala), Mrs. Renuka Joshi and the Cyber Ambassadors graced the programme.

"Cyber Security Awareness Club" was inaugurated by Dr. Ravindra Kumar Singhal, who in his speech gave valuable inputs and expert comments on how to use the digital applications safely. Mrs. Vaishali Balajiwale commenced the proceedings of the event. The Cyber Ambassadors shared their findings and provided some safety tips to our students. Videos and real life experiences along with an interactive session were the highlights of this successful event.

  Krishna Janmashtami Celebrations - 2017

Krishna Janmashtami Celebrations - 2017

 Date : 14th August, 2017

 Venue : School Campus

Krishna Janmashtami (Lord Krishna”s Birth day) also known as Krishnashtami, Saatam Aatham, Gokulashtami, Ashtami Rohini, Srikrishna Jayanti, Sree Jayanti. Celebrated on the eighth day of Savana month, Janmashtami marks the birth of Lord Krishna, an avatar of Lord Vishnu.

AUS, Chandsi family celebrated Janmashtami with passion and zeal on August 14th, 2017 during a special assembly at Amphitheatre. Students of different classes celebrated Janmashtami with different activities. The students of Grade I & II learned the values of team work, determination, sharing and caring after watching the visual delight of "Krishna Makhan Chor". Students of Grade III - V painted T-shirts with acronyms of KRISHNA i.e. K-Kind, R-Right, I-Insightful, S-Saviour, H-Humble, N-Novel & A-Adorable. Students of Grade VI - XI recited the Shlokas from Shrimad Bhagavat Geeta, chapter 18 which consists of 78 verses. Different groups were made wherein one group of students recited the shlokas and the other group presented a demonstration of it.

The wisdom as well as naughtiness of Lord Krishna was infused in the entire event, making it fun and frolic. This celebration created awareness about Indian traditions, customs and culture. It conveyed the strong message "Victory of good over evil and Work is Worship". Children celebrated the occasion dancing with great joy. To sum it up, the day was enjoyed by the students and all the staff members.

  AUSAO (Ashoka Universal School Astronomical Observatory) Induction Program.

AUSAO (Ashoka Universal School Astronomical Observatory) Induction Program.

An Induction program was arranged for the selected members of the Astronomy Club of Ashoka Universal School (AUSAO). The AUSAO yearly calendar was launched on this occasion.

The Chief Guest for the program was Mrs Apurva Jhakdi (NASA Space educator & Advisory member of AUSAO). She motivated the students towards the field of Astronomy & Astrophysics. During the induction program students of the AUSAO club interacted with Apurv Joshi, final year B.TECH student of COEP Pune .He shared his experience about the liasoning and guidance with ISRO experts and level of perseverance and dedication required during research while making of PICO series experimental communication satellite 'SWAYAM' which was completely developed by the COEP students during period of over six years, and launched in the skies by ISRO on 23rd June 2016.

Along with this Mrs. Priya Rajwade (Principal), Mrs Shalu Sethi (Vice Principal), Mrs. Renuka Joshi (ISC HM) congratulated the students on becoming the members of the AUSAO club & suggested to aspire careers in the field of Astronomy

The induction program was planned and executed by Mr. Dilip Thakur (Head of Dept) & Mr. Vikram Joshi.

  AUSAO Activity in Ashoka Universal School

AUSAO Activity in Ashoka Universal School

Ashoka Universal School Astronomical Observatory (AUSAO) conducted an activity "Modelling of Night Sky" in Ashoka Universal School,Wadala & Chandsi branch. The session was conducted by Mr. Dilip Thakur & Mr. Vikram Joshi for the students of Grade V & VI. The students enjoyed the session & gathered a lot of important information. The feedback given by students was awesome.

  Independence Day Celebration, Chandsi Branch

Independence Day Celebration, Chandsi

15th August is celebrated all over in unity with great patriotism. Ashoka Universal School (chandsi) celebrated the Independence Day with gusto. The Independence week was flagged off on August 15th 2017; The entire school was festooned with colours of the Indian flag. The corridors were decorated with various works of art by students. The Principal Mrs. Priya Rajwade extended a warm welcome to our Hon. Chief Guest Mr. Vasant Balkrishna Hundlikar 94 year old freedom fighter who went to imprisonment with Mahatmagandhi for ‘Chalo Jao’ moment. Principal Mrs. Priya Rajwade also greeted our special guest grandparents who are the member of ‘Zindagi Live Club’. The school band ‘Ghosh Pathak’ offered the band salute to the chief guest. The programme began with a prayer song and the School Choir enhanced the spirit of patriotism by singing a couple of patriotic songs. The Chief Guest hoisted the national flag along with the dignitaries. March past & Grand salute to our National Flag, drills and entertainment programme were part of the Independence Day celebrations, Dances were choreographed to spread the message of unity in diversity and peace.

Hon. Joint Secretory Mr. Shrikant Shukla addressed the gathering and remembered the people who sacrificed their lives and made the country independent. He gave motivational speech to enlighten the patriotism in students. Respected Principal Mrs. Priya Rajwade emphasised the need for self-discipline along with freedom and liberty as essential ingredients for the country’s growth and development also spoke on the occasion and stated that students should respect one another, be disciplined, be selfless in their service and contribute to the nation & the environment by planting at least one tree in their home, nearby surrounding or school and nature it till it grows. She told the students to avoid wasting water, not to complain and urged them to serve the nation by joining the armed forces. The programme ended with Vote of Thanks.

  Independence Day Celebration at AUS, Sinnar

On 15th August 2017, Ashoka Universal School, Sinnar celebrated Independence Day with great Zeal.

The Students and their Grandparents along with all educators of AUS celebrated the national festival. The Programme began with the hoisting of flag by the honourable Chief Guest Mrs. Renuka Joshi Ma’am, HM of ISC section AUS Wadala branch. This was followed by the speeches of a students and coral song by the educators. Finally the programme ended with the motivational and inspiring speech By Mrs. Renuka Joshi Ma’am. She elaborated the true sense of meaning of ‘Freedom’ and the burning problem of today’s generation. She also gave emphasis on how to make free the youngsters from the clutches of the hand pact technology and to give them the new direction towards life so that they can explore themselves.

  Ashoka Universal School Celebrates Independence Day

Ashoka Universal School Celebrates Independence Day

Even as the country rose to the 71st Independence Day of our nation, the staff and students, along with the Management of Ashoka Universal School, celebrated the occasion with zeal and fervour, with the hoisting of the National Flag and cries of Jai Hind.

While the great heroes of the yesteryears who brought us the much-needed Independence were recalled with gratitude, the school music team sang a patriotic song, the lyrics of which were written by the once Prime Minister, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

The Chief Guest for the day, was the school topper, Mr. Parshva Dugad who spoke about the importance of education in ones life and how the young generation can contribute towards the progress of the nation. The Guest of Honour, was yet another school topper, Miss Sanika Chepe who in her speech promised to not let the glory of the tri-colour go down in any manner.

The Chairman of the school, Shri Ashok Katariya, in his speech requested the students to make every effort to build the nation besides expressing the importance of cleanliness in our society and surroundings, which in turn will lead to a clean nation.

While the air was filled with patriotism and love for the nation, people left the venue with lingering memories of the day and a resolution to do whatever it takes to bring their nation to BE one of the world leaders and a progressive nation.

  Ashoka, Chandsi Dazzling at International Skating Championship

Ashoka, Chandsi Dazzling at International Skating Championship

Our student Mst. Arav Mantri of Grade VI is dazzling at the International Open Roller Skating Championship which is being held at Belgium from August 11th to 14th August 2017. Aarav is representing India and making Ashoka Universal School, Chandsi feel proud and delighted. Talking about his scenarios of facilities and achievements for skating, he has won many State Level laurels. He got selected for the national team on the basis of his performance at the selection trials, at RSFI National championship which was held in Bangalore. Many national players participated in the trials, at Pune, where in Mst Mantri was selected in team India after successfully passing through different selection criteria.

Our coach, Mrs Savita Bulange, Mr Vivek nalkar trained the student for the championship, under guidance of and respected Principal Mrs,Priya Rajwade, Managing Trustee Mrs Astha Kataria, HMs Mr Pramod Tripathi, Ms Priya DSouza, AGM Dr. Dinesh Sabnis, and HOD Mr, Bhupesh Deshmukh felicitated him for the achievements and wish him grand success at the championship. Ashoka Universal School, Chandsi, congratulates the student and wishes him the best for his future.

  Enhancing Reading Skills

Enhancing Reading Skills

Readers are leaders-A workshop on ENHANCING READING SKILLS was conducted on 1st August, 2017 on request of grade 1 parents. Informative tips on how to encourage and inculcate reading habit in the young ones were shared. The workshop was a success as parents participated enthusiastically.

  Raksha Bandhan Celebration-2017

Raksha Bandhan Celebration-2017

The Joyous festival of Raksha Bandhan which marks the love and duty between brothers and sisters was celebrated by Ashoka Universal School on Tuesday, 8th August,2017. The students tied Rakhi on the wrists of the support staff as a gesture of gratitude for rendering help and protection in the school premises. The support staff shared sweets with the young ones and were touched by their loving gesture.

  Investiture Ceremony, Wadala

Investitures ceremony was held in Ashoka Universal School on 4th July 2017. The elected Board of Honours were handed over the responsibilities by the dignitaries. The children proudly took an oath pledging to be dedicated and honest leaders. The Vice Principal Shalu Sethi shared her valuable experience and encouraged the leaders. The solemn ceremony embarked the beginning of the academic year with new zeal and enthusiasm.

  Prihas Pawar wins 'The Rising Star Competition'

{Music speaks what cannot be expressed. It soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul}

Prihas Pawar, studying in Class IX at Ashoka Universal School, Wadala participated in The Rising Star Competition,& secured 1st position in Instrument Category. This musical competition was arranged in Nashik by Avinash Gangurde. It was an attempt to give platform to young artist in Nashik to show their talent. Auditions were held on 2nd July 2017 at Kusumagraj Pratishstan. Some 150+ entries came in both singing and instrument category. Out of them 43 kids were selected for the final round. On 6th July, final round of musicians was held at Kalidas Kala Bhavan. Every artist was asked to play a piece of music upto 3 mins. On 7th July a Grand Finale was held. Gracing the event were Sa Re Ga Ma fame artist, Anup Shankar and Rahul Saxena. Group and Solo performances of both singers and musicians took place.Prihas Pawar is trained and mentored by Pravin Shinde Sir, whose relentless efforts and training made Prihas the winner at the competition. Prihas was personally appreciated by Anup Shankar and Rahul Saxena for his performance.Ashoka Universal School congratulates Prihas Pawar & entire music team for this achievement.

  Founders Day 2017-18

Founder’s Day 2017-18

"An Investment in Knowledge Pays the Best Dividends"

It was to reinstate the vision of our founder, that all the campuses of Ashoka Universal School celebrated its Founder’s Day on different days in the month of July 2017, in honour of the founder and Hon. Chairman Mr Ashok Katariya.

The celebration that was fanned across the Chandsi campus, commenced on 18th July, with an extravaganza of activities like Global Footprint, "Aukshan" and a journey across the theme "ASHOKA - journey through time and space".

The theme roofed journey of Hon. Chairman Sir from his childhood to present and then continued to the future far in the year 2025. His dream projects and his aspiration to develop Nashik and ultimately the nation to be upstretched up to the global parameters were presented through the theme.

Hon. Chairman Sir met his own self and passed over his different childhood phases and verve through a time machine where he entered year 2025. There he walked on the Ashoka Sky Walk, watching over structures like Ashoka International Stadium, Ashoka Opera House and Ashoka Art Gallery. He then proceeded to have an insight of all the structures where he witnessed Ashoka Olympics 2025 in Ashoka International Stadium, he observed scintillating sculptures, painting and carving at Ashoka Art Gallery From here he proceeded to Ashoka Green Zone, which he started developing long back in past, where in there is a fully atomised, robot accustomed Ashoka Herbs Research Centre, where herbal medicines which have no side effects are made to cure serious diseases and ailments.

He then visited Ashoka Opera House, where students from around the world presented sweet melodious Birthday Song. He was then astonished to entre Ashoka Space Research Centre, to board a space craft by which taken to the Moon. From the Moon Hon. Sir enjoyed a mesmerizing Dance performance by the students giving an Ode to his life journey, reflecting his relentless work in the field of education. Chocolate distribution followed the overwhelmed flow of Birthday Wishes by all his dear students.

Felicitation of teachers streamed further, followed by Address of Dignitaries and words by Hon. Chairman Sir. The event was concluded with Vote of Thanks by a tiny tot of Senior KG. All then proceeded to the brunch which included few of chairman sir’s favourite delicacies.

  Investiture Ceremony 2017-18

Investiture Ceremony 2017-18

"Leaders are not born but are made by their experiences in life"

To inculcate leadership qualities in students and to make them experience functioning of an administrative body, the school cabinet was formed at Ashoka Universal School, Chandsi.

Investiture ceremony was held on 8th July, 2017. The event was presided over by the Honourable Chief Guest, Group Cpt. Vinayak Deodhar, Principal Mrs Priya Rajwade, Vice Principal Mrs Shalu Sethi, Head Master Mr Pramod Tripathi, Head Mistress Ms Priya D’Souza, Head Mistress Mrs Aparna Mathakari and AGM Dr.Dinesh Sabnis. The ceremony denotes school’s investment in making leaders and developing the sense of responsibility, trust and confidence. Ashoka Universal School emphasise on students’ involvement in day-to-day functioning of the school, community and nation. Thus we believe in child centric approach, which is one of the organizational objectives of the school.

he event was conducted with the high degree of sincerity and enthusiasm and gusto. It was initiated with a warm welcome to the chief guest. The spectators were then made aware of the unique selection & election processes that took place in the school, which familiarizes the students on how democracy works in the whole world. Unveiling of stars and badges of newly elected student council was followed by the oath taking ceremony. The cabinet students avowed to be true to their posts and duties assigned to them. They promised to be the role models to their fellow schoolmates. The Head boy shared his thoughts on taking the esteemed responsibility. A motivational song was presented beautifully by the school choir.

Honourable chief guest addressed the enthusiastic audience. He especially marked and praised graceful marching and poise of all the members of BOH. The students enjoyed the opportunity to hear the valuable words by respected Principal Ma’am. The little comparers of Grade V were heartily praised and encouraged by the speakers. Finally the Ambassador of the school expressed vote of thanks. The ceremony was concluded with the National song. All then proceeded to relish the Royal Breakfast.

  Ashoka Universal School, Sinnar Green Day Celebration (2017-18)

The Pre-Primary children of Ashoka Universal School, Sinnar, observed ‘Green Day’ on the dated 30.06.17 at the Assembly hall of the school. The backdrops of the assembly hall were well decorated by the art & craft department. The children came up with green attires and the entire premises were blooming with green. The children were explained the importance of green & greenery. It is only possible if we protect our vegetation by saying “Save Trees and Save Earth”. Later the children participated in a skit to give the message.

  Ashoka Univarsal School Observes International Yoga Day & Music Day-2017

Ashoka Universal School joined the world in observing the International Music Day and International Yoga Day with its students and teachers along with renowned guests from the field of Music & Yoga.The day started with an enchanting & enthralling performance by Ms. Krupa Anil Pardeshi, a student of Sarda Kanya Vidhyalaya, who was invited to Ashoka Universal School for a musical performance which won the hearts and applauds of one and all present there. Krupa being a vision impaired student, performed like a true star. The Second guest of the day, Master Nimish Shripad Gholap, a student of Rangubai Junnare School, performed on table, the most engrossing music ever heard by the audience. Not only were they an inspiration to all but also the perfect representative to celebrate the International Music Day.After the musical presentation, a session of Yoga was conducted by Mr. Piraji Narwade & his team. Students thoroughly enjoyed themselves while performing the various asanas, and could be seen trying their best to outdo each other in attaining perfection, with the various challenging body positions. The hour long program witnessed the participation of both the students and teachers, as they were made to realize the benefits of the various asanas.In this world of immeasurable stress and competition, if one can look towards anything for relaxation, it is yoga. It not only de-stresses but also provides a perfect balance of the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of an individual. Yoga while it is beneficial to all, is especially beneficial to students who are burdened with studies, exams, projects and assessments. Keeping this in mind, and joining hands with the world, the school decided to invite a professional yog guru to lead the students and teachers. The benefits of meditation was also stressed upon, which keeps the mind focused and attentive, without being disturbed by distractions.The program ended with the students and teachers feeling thoroughly rejuvenated, de-stressed and focused, along with the resolution to make music & yoga a part of their everyday life and also spread its benefits to those they come across.

  Ashoka Universal School Persists its Expansion of Grace & Blessing for the 4th Year -2017

  Save Resources- Cooking without Fire-2017

Master Chef Activity(Cooking without fire) for Grade 3 -5 was organized on 17th July 2017 . The students actively participated in the activity . The sole purpose of the activity was to make the students aware of healthy eating habits. Further , the activity also helped them to know about various cuisines . It further honed their culinary skills and they learnt how to calculate nutritional values of their dish on their own .

  Save resources - Say no to plastic-2017

God has gifted us with several natural resources like air, water, minerals, soil and plants. But since the last few decades consumption of these resources has witnessed a tremendous rise. To create awareness amongst our tiny toddlers , an activity Say no to plastic bags was planned. Orientation for making paper bags was conducted a day prior to the activity. On 16th June children of grade 1 and 2 participated enthusiastically and made beautiful paper bags with the help of the teacher.

  Annual sports meet 2013-2014 at Chandsi

As all-round development cannot be attained only through flipping pages of knowledge but also through strengthening the bond between the student and the play ground.

Ashoka Universal School, Chandsi aims at giving learning experiences where the future generation learns lessons of life not only through the books but also through injuries on the field those teach the player how to survive in the battle till the end.

Hence, Ashoka Universal School, Chandsi organized Annual Sports Meet on 1st Feb, 2014.The Chief guest; Mr.Vinod Shah graced the event by his presence .The sports meet was blessed by Hon. Chairman Sir .Mr.Ashok Kataria, Director Ms.Shweta Kataria and Trustee Mrs.Astha Kataria.

This Annual sports meet conveyed some of the important messages to the gathering. Such as ‘Save the Tiger’ as it was the theme of the sports meet. Importance of the self defense for girls which was shown by a demo. And the most striking feature was the demonstration of traditional games, where our chief guests and all the parents participated.

And last but not the least, the most astounding performance of Bike Drill and the Cycle Drill where many stunts were performed.

And thus such sport meet ended with compliments such as “Not seen such performance since many days” and the parents saying “We got our childhood days back”. This event was a success because of the continuous effort and strong determination of the sports team and the guidance of the Headmistress Mrs.Shifa Shaikh.

  Annual sports meet 2013-2014 at Chandsi

As all-round development cannot be attained only through flipping pages of knowledge but also through strengthening the bond between the student and the play ground.

Ashoka Universal School, Chandsi aims at giving learning experiences where the future generation learns lessons of life not only through the books but also through injuries on the field those teach the player how to survive in the battle till the end.

Hence, Ashoka Universal School, Chandsi organized Annual Sports Meet on 1st Feb, 2014.The Chief guest; Mr.Vinod Shah graced the event by his presence .The sports meet was blessed by Hon. Chairman Sir .Mr.Ashok Kataria, Director Ms.Shweta Kataria and Trustee Mrs.Astha Kataria.

This Annual sports meet conveyed some of the important messages to the gathering. Such as ‘Save the Tiger’ as it was the theme of the sports meet. Importance of the self defense for girls which was shown by a demo. And the most striking feature was the demonstration of traditional games, where our chief guests and all the parents participated.

And last but not the least, the most astounding performance of Bike Drill and the Cycle Drill where many stunts were performed.

And thus such sport meet ended with compliments such as “Not seen such performance since many days” and the parents saying “We got our childhood days back”. This event was a success because of the continuous effort and strong determination of the sports team and the guidance of the Headmistress Mrs.Shifa Shaikh.

  Test 23-06-2017

  Family Sports Day 2017

Family Sports Day

Ashoka Universal School, Chandsi came up with an innovative thought and arranged "The Family Sports Day".

The main motto was to gift the children an enjoyable day with their parents.

Races were organized for the father, mother and the child. Children spent a memorable day with parents.

This event was highly appreciated by parents as they realised the missing factor of fun in today’s on-going stressed scheduled life. Some remembered the glorious memories of their childhood. They also enjoyed the feeling of togetherness.

Family race was also held where the father got a chance to make the child ready for school. The parents realised the efforts taken by their better halves in their daily life. Rather than the parents motivating their children, this time the children motivated their parents and cheered for them. This brought an awareness of the factor that participation to complete is more important than the winning the race. The value of sporting spirit and healthy competition was imbibed rather than initiating unhealthy competition amongst kids.

  Picnic at watermelon resort -grade I & II

Picnic at Watermelon Resort - grade I & II

AUS, Ashoka Nagar Branch

The students of Classes I &II were taken for a picnic to WATER MELON Resort on 11 Feb 2017. The students went in  buses. They were very excited and enjoyed the journey. On reaching the resort, they were served a hearty breakfast and then  were engaged  in various frolicking games and activities. The students were amused to  see the magic show.   After enjoying the fun filled activities, the children relished  lunch. After that they danced to music (rain dance) and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Then the student group left the resort to head back to school. The students left for home in a very happy and relaxed state.



Nasik, 10th February, 2017

Mr. Sarvesh Bharadwaj of Scientific Development and Research Organisation, Delhi, conducted the 'SPECTACULAR ASTRONOMY WORKSHOP' at ASHOKA UNIVERSAL SCHOOL, Wadala and Chandsi Campus. Mr. Bharadwaj is an Astrophysicist and he took about 7 sessions for various students of Grade I to Grade XI of AUS from the 7th to the 8th of February, 2017.

Mr. Bharadwaj addressed the students on various topics that covered the Basics of Astronomy, the Unexplored Cosmos, and Genesis of the Solar System. Mr. Bharadwaj also illuminated the children's minds with the scope and careers in the boundless sphere of Astronomy.

The Workshop was not all talks but included equal participation from the students where they partook in fun activities like modelling a sundial, constructing miniature models of satellites, creating a hydro rocket and even launching it. Mr. Bharadwaj also conducted an Astronomy Quiz Contest for the students and gave away 'Scientific Kits' as prizes. He said that 'Astronomy is a way of life which is best experienced with immense patience and perseverance'.

The workshop was a success under exemplary management by Mr. Dilip Thakur, Co-ordinator, Ashoka Junior College and Ashoka Universal School Astronomical Observatory (AUSAO*). Ashoka Universal School's Chairman-Mr. Ashok Kataria, Joint Secretary-Mr. Shrikant Shukla, Vice- Principal, Wadala- Mrs. Shalu Sethi, Headmistress-ISC- Mrs. Renuka Joshi and Principal, Chandsi- Mrs. Priya Rajwade acted as guiding forces behind this initiative by AUSAO*. The students at the school left the workshop happy and content with stars in their eyes.

  Farewell 2016-17 for Grade XII


21st January 2017, Wadala

The evening of 21st January, was a walk down the memory lane for Grade XII students of Ashoka Junior College when, Grade XI students hosted a ‘Flashback’ themed farewell party to the passing out batch of 2016.

The Grade XII students graced the occasion in ethnic attire while the juniors (Grade XI) were dressed in various colours of childhood. The children danced on the tunes of ‘Bam Bam Bole’ and ‘Ratta maar’, in an attempt to show the growing up years of a child’s life. The Educators, under the guidance of Headmistress, Mrs. Renuka Joshi, put up a fun skit showing the importance of students in a teacher’s life. The students cheered the teachers with full enthusiasm. They also enjoyed the hot pizza snacks served to them in between the program.

The Chairman of Ashoka Universal School, Mr. Ashokji Kataria, advised the students to keep alive their enthusiasm in all walks of life. The Joint Secretary, Mr. Shrikant Shukla wished the pupils the very best for their future endeavours. The event was a grand success and the students departed home with a bagful of memories.

  Patriotic Collage Activity for Gr I & II - Jan, 2017

Patriotic Collage Activity for Gr I & II - Ashoka Nagar.

PATRIOTIC COLLAGE ACTIVITY was conducted for grade I & II on 13 Jan, 2017. The children were guided to prepare Patriotic Themes (Jai Jawan Jai Kisaan,Save Girl Child,Unity In Diversity,Demonetization Drive) in a collage.The children participated enthusiastically .As it was a group activity,the children were completely engaged and enhanced their skills required to work in a group.An awareness for the topic was also created amongst the students to enrich their knowledge.

  Inter-House Patriotic skit Competition Jan,2017

Inter-House Patriotic skit Competition

A house-wise skit competition on the theme of "Patriotism" was conducted for Grade III-V on 13/01/2017. It was a tough competition between all the houses as the participants came up with unique & different concepts about Patriotism. Kudos to the house-mistresses who made their students brainstorm over the theme of patriotism. Participants defined patriotism in their own way going far ahead than sacrifice & wars.

Unity in diversity, Demonetization, Swacha Bharat Mission, Beti Bachao.. Beti Padhao & many more important issues were highlighted & brilliantly portrayed by the participants.

In this neck-to-neck competition, Creativity House won the first prize & Benevolence won the second prize for their outstanding performance.

  Field Visit to Shweta Agro Farm - 21 Jan, 2017

Educational Visit to Shweta Agro Farm

Students of grade VIII were taken to Shweta Agro farm on Saturday 21st Jan 2017 for a field visit to educate them about bio-gas plant.

After reaching there, children were taken to bio gas plant & they were explained about its working,construction & usage of bio products. Students upgraded their knowledge with hands on learning which was a wonderful experience for them.

  Christmas Celebration At AUS Wadala 2016 - 17

 Santa Claus came calling to town at Ashoka Universal School

 Santa Claus came calling to town at Ashoka Universal School, Wadala when students of Grades 1-9  gathered for Christmas celebrations at the school campus during the morning assembly. As carols were sung and dances performed both the staff and the students got into the true spirit of Christmas and swayed to the tunes of the carols. The meaning and message of Christmas was conveyed to the students wherein it was emphasized that the savior Lord Jesus Christ was born to bring love and compassion in the world. Students were therefore encouraged to spread love all around them and be ambassadors of compassion and serve humanity. They were asked to be mindful of the poor and deprived and lend a helping hand to them, and work towards the upliftment of the society.

Students squealed with delight as Santa came and could not stop screaming at his sight.

The programme ended with love and cheer among the staff and students and they sought to begin the New Year with some contribution to the society.


  Super Moon Activity Conducted On 14/12/2016


Activity Conducted by AUSAO* Ashoka Universal School Nashik

The final Supermoon of 2016 was seen on 13 at 23.30 GMT, which means on December 14 in the early hours .The earlier Super moon was in November 2016, which was a special Super moon this year. Before that, there was a Super moon in October 2016. Although the December 2016 Super moon was not as big or bright as the one witnessed in November 2016, it pays to look at the sky.

Students of  Grade VIII & IX from Ashoka Universal School enjoyed the  super moon activity in which Arya Gangurde & Preesha Naidu of IX gave PowerPoint presentation regarding the super moon phenomenon to all students followed by presentation given by Mr.Dilip Thakur ISC Coordinator then students observed the moon through 14 inches Telescope in the observatory.

This activity was initiated by Mr Dilip Thakur executed by the AUSAO* Volunteers Abhiskek Sharma, Rutwik Joshi, Arya Gangurde, Preesha Naidu.

Shri Ashokji Kataria (Chairman Ashoka Education Foundation) ,Shr Shrikant Shukla (Jt.Secretary Ashoka Education Foundation) & Mrs Renuka Joshi ( ISC Head Mistress ) appreciated the efforts of educators & students for the fantastic activity




Grade XI Astroclub Members of AUSAO*, on the 14th November 2016, partook in SKY-GAZING activity in which the super moon phenomenon was observed at Ashoka Universal School, Nashik. It was a part of various activities conducted by Ashoka Universal School Astronomical Observatory in the Academic year 2016-2017.

A "super moon" occurs when the moon becomes full on the same day as its perigee, a point in the moon's orbit when it is closest to Earth. The term is borrowed from the pseudoscience of astrology, but has been adopted by popular culture and astronomers. Super moons generally appear to be 14% bigger and 30% brighter than other full moons. The November "super moon" was extra close to Earth (Nov. 14), providing an extraordinary sight for sky watchers .But exactly what makes this month's full moon so special.  November's super moon —a term used to describe a full moon is at its perigee, or closest point to Earth during the lunar orbit — will be the biggest and brightest super moon to rise in almost 69 years. In fact, the full moon won't come this close to Earth again until Nov. 25, 2034.

This activity was planned & conducted by Mr.Dilip Thakur with the help of grade XII students Master Abhishek Sharma, Rutwik Joshi and appreciated by Chairman of the school, Shri Ashok Kataria, Jt. Secretary- Shri. Shrikant Shukla & HM-Mrs. Renuka Joshi.

  English Debate Competition ISC 2016 - 17


Grade XII- Should the developed countries allow Syrian refugees into their countries?
(A For and B Against)
Grade XI- Brain Drain- Boon (A) or Bane (B)

A debate tournament or competition was conducted on 09th September 2016 with students from Grade XI and XII participating. The above topics were given three days prior followed by guidance from educators. The students enthusiastically participated in the debate, refuting the claims made by the debating teams. The competition was judged by Sangita Bhatnagar and Ashwini Khushare, Grade X, English Educators.

  Career Guidance Workshop ISC 2016 - 17

As part of Career Enhancement Program, we at Ashoka Universal School and Junior College keep arranging various seminars and workshops at our school. Another constructive seminar by renowned Psychologist and Orator, Prof. Dr. Ashwinikumar Bhardwaj was arranged on 05th October 2016. Dr. Ashwinikumar  Bhardwaj has done  Masters and then Doctorate in Psychology. He also has done MBA in Human Resource Management and Personnel Management.

Professionally, Mr. Bhardwaj is currently the CEO at Bejan Desai Foundation, Nasik and last was working with a reputed Women’s Education College, Nasik as a Principal. He is also working as a Psychologist in the field of counselling (youth community) mental health, Psychological well-being and personality Assessment.

Mr. Bhardwaj has an experience of 23 years in the teaching field where in he has worked as advisory member for the Board of student’s welfare in the erstwhile University of Pune as well as in Bhosala Military College, Nasik. Dr. Bharadwaj has been a Guide and Resource Person with the Maharashtra Police Academy Nasik. He is also a Certified Soft Skills Trainer by the University of Pune.

Dr. Bharadwaj covered extensive points on choices of careers and the right way to make them. He also advised of various off beat fields and unexplored career paths. All in all the seminar was a success and the students thoroughly enjoyed interacting with Dr. Bhardwaj.

  Street Play Activity 2016 - 17


Ashoka School, always mindful of social awareness and contribution to social causes, organized an inter-house street play activity for Grades VI-X on 10th September.  Enthusiastic students, who looked forward to the activity, wholeheartedly prepared for it from a few days ago and delivered their best performance on the day. Each house tried to outdo the other through their act and social message. Students participated in the activity with full gusto and turned into expert actors, forgetting for the moment that they were young students. It was indeed amazing to see such young ones perform on such topics of social awareness as The Tragedy of Child Labor, Corruption, Environment and Cleanliness, Drishti: The Vision and Aaj Ka Bharat. Their act, dialogue delivery, feel and performance was all par excellence and won them huge applause from their schoolmates and teachers alike.

  Art And Design Portfolio Review Forum 2016 - 17

Students of Ashoka Universal Schools
get Global Experience at International Review Forum at
Dhurubhai Ambani International School

Students of Ashoka Universal Schools visit Dhurubhai Ambani International School on 18th September 2016 for the Preview Forum of Art & Design portfolio. This preview forum is organized by International portfolio review forum. The depth of the forum is available on (

Ashoka Universal School is providing platform to the students those who aspire to touch the depth of Art. Usually we all observe that right from childhood students do very well in Art. i.e. drawing, painting, sketching. Parents also promote the students by providing them various grades of pencils, papers of different textures, mediums of various colours, etc. right from their pre- school till their secondary school. As students grow very few students preserve their talent and dream to develop their artistic skills. most of the students choose Fine Arts. Many of them wants to explore different artistic fields such as, Animation, photography, product design, graphic design, architecture, interior design, communication design, industrial design, transportation design and many more in the the field of Art & Design.

International portfolio review forum brings all international colleges of Art & Design together on one platform and allow students to show their artistic work i.e. their portfolio to these colleges which are purely of Art & Design. Students of Ashoka Universal School did interact with these colleges. Here is the list of colleges

Cleveland Institute of Art from, Cleveland-United States
College for Creative Studies from Detroit-United States
Maryland Institute College of Art from Baltimore-United States
Westphal College of Media Arts & Design Drexel Universityfrom Philadelphia-United States
Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design from Auckland-New Zealand
Objective of this Preview is to  bring together students who aspire tostudy visual art, design, architecture and related arts with experiencedrepresentatives and faculty from top art and design colleges and universitiesin the world.
Today Ashoka Unversal School feels proud to provide top most education in scholastic and co-scholastic area. The Deaprtment of Fine Arts has unique labs under its roof such as Ceramics, Sculpture, Wood Art, Calligraphy, Hobby Idea, Sand Animation, Drawing, painting and craft. These labs are not only equipped but also headed through the experience faculty. Who train students in their respective field right from KG to grade X.
Nearly 27 students those who have opted for Art in grade IX and X had this wonderful experience. Forum meet was eye opening meet for them where they learn about building their Art portfolio to get themselves admitted in any of the national and International Art & Design colleges on the basis of Merit & Scholarship
Joint Secretary Mr. Shrikant Shukla, Vice Principal Mrs. Shalu Sheti and Headmistress Mrs. Sandhya Borade, Appreciated students initiative to be part of the international Preview forum.

  Field Visit To Owara Tweet Park 2016 - 17

An educational visit to OWARA TWEET PARK was arranged for our curious little ones of Grade I on 12th Sep 2016. The students got a chance to be JUNIOR BIRD WATCHERS and learn much more about the various birds being close to nature.

  ASHOKA JUNIOR COLLEGE experiences Heartfullness Relaxation- A Meditation Workshop- BY DR. DEO and TEAM

2 nd September 2016

Wadala, Nasik

Dr. Vikas Deo and his team visited AJC and conducted a meditation workshop  for the students of Grade XI and XII from the 31 st August 2016 to 02 nd October  2016 between 08:00 am to 09:00 am. They have advised follow up sessions to  be conducted once a week for a span of two months.  The session was followed by interaction amongst the students and the team  members wherein queries were solved, and guidance provided.  The session was a success with students, teachers and staff feeling relaxed at the  end of it.

  Janmashtami celebration 2016 - 17

Students of Ashoka Universal School, Wadala, celebrated the birth of Lord Krishna, on the occasion of Janmashtami, on the 25th August, in their school premises. Tiny tots of the Primary section looked like Balgopal as several children came dressed up like him, in their bright, shining outfits. The life of Lord Krishna was depicted through a dance-Song performed by the students to the best of their ability, which witnessed a huge applause from the audience. The function saw a befitting end with the handi-breaking event, which drove the students into frenzy as they cheered the pyramid leader to go for it.  A fitting tribute to Lord Krishna on the occasion of his birthday, Ashoka Universal School, wishes all A Very Happy Janamashtami.

  Celebrating National Sports Day 2016 - 17

Ashoka Universal School celebrated the birth anniversary of one of the greatest field hockey player Major Dhyan Chand. He was known as ‘The Wizard’ for his superb ball control and numerous goals on the field. The students under the able guidance of their coaches put up an inspiring performance on this occasion. With their flexible and agile bodies the gymnasts executed their exercises beautifully and confidently. To show us that exercising can also be fun we had our kids perform aerobics with a lot of enthusiasm and joy. And we also had children presenting the techniques learnt in martial arts specifically called ‘Kata’. All together was an inspiring performance and gave everyone a jumpstart to work on our fitness as the Vice Principal Mrs. Shalu Sethi shared her views about building a healthy body and mind through sports

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