Photo Gallery - AUS, Ashoka House

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Convocation Ceremony 2017

Fun with Daddy Activity - Nursery

I am a Story Teller activity (Jr.& Sr. KG) - 2017


Nursery Picnic 2017

Nursery Traditional Day 2017

Jr.KG Picnic to MOH Farm 2017

Acting Activity Sr.KG

Excellence Day 2016-17

Christmas Celebration 2016

Nursery Market day Activity 2016 - 17

Mothers Tea Party (Nursery) 2016 - 17

One Earth One Home Activity 2016 - 17

Nursery Field Visit to Owara Tweet Park 2016 - 17

Ashoka House Vegetable Day - Nursery 2016 - 17

Eco-friendly Ganesh Utsav 2016 - 17

Community Helpers Day - Jr.KG - 2016 - 17

Community Helpers Day - Nursery 2016 - 17

Community Helpers Activity - Sr.KG 2016 - 17

Janmashtami Celebrations - Staff - 2016 - 17

Janmashtami Celebrations - Jr. - Sr. Kg - 2016 - 17

Janmashtami Celebration nursery 2016 - 17

Rakshabandhan celebration 2016

Friendship day 2016


Water cycle and Blue Day activity - Sr.KG - 2016

Rainy Day 2016

Environment Day - Jr. KG - 2016

Magic Show 2016

Founders Day In-house Birthday Celebration 2016

Flowers Day Celebrations For Nursery - 2016

Ashoka House Investiture Ceremony 2016

EID celebration - 2016

Animal Kingdom Activity Sr.KG - 2016

Green Day - 2016

Nursery 1st day of school - 2016

Convocation Ceremony

Save water awareness rally on Holi

Summer Party

Sr.KG Picnic to MOH Farm

Nursery picnic to Pramod Mahajan Garden

Market Day- Shift II

Market Day- Shift I

Saraswati Pooja & Basant panchami Celebration

Jr.KG picnic to MOH farm

Zindagi Live... Grandparents "Dabba party & Reliving their Childhood"

Awareness rally on Safety at Road

Community Helpers Activity - Nursery

Christmas Celebration - Ashoka House

Christmas Celebration - Ashoka House

Sports Day

Clay Moulding Competition - Nursery, Ashoka House

Diwali Celebration 2015 - Ashoka House

Best out of Waste Competition - AUS, Ashoka House

Field visit of Jr KG to Post office

Traditional Day for Jr KG

Orange Day 2015

Field Visit to Prakash Bakery of Sr KG

Inter class singing competition

Eco-friendly Ganpati Visharjan

Janmashtmi Celebration 2015

Colouring competition 2015-16

Rakshabandan Celebration

Red Day celebration 2015-16

Tri colour Day celebration for II Shift

Fancy dress competition Jr.KG 2015 for 2nd shift

Fancy dress competition Jr.KG 2015 for 1st shift

Ashoka House Pre-school activities 2015-16

Ashoka House Circle time

Sr. KG Competition of Speech by Great Leaders

Blue day II shift 2015

Blue day I shift 2015

Rainy Day for II shift 2015-16

Rainy Day for I and II shift

Founder Day celebration 2015-16

-Green Day

Zindagi Live...Grandparents Club

1st Day of School - Pre-Primary

Convocation Ceremony

Annual Sports Day 2015-1

Annual Sports Day 2015

Jr. KG picnic

Ashoka House Picnic - Sr. KG 3

Ashoka House Picnic - Sr. KG 2

Ashoka House Picnic - Sr. KG

Field visit to Plant Nursery II shift

Field visit to Plant Nursery I shift

Excellence Day 2014-1

Excellence Day 2014

Block Building Competition Nursery

Christmas Celebration II Shift

Christmas Celebration I Shift

Nursery Picnic to Pramod Mahajan Garden

Childrens Day celebration

Ashoka House Market Day

Ashoka House Market Day II shift

Inter class bhajan singing competition

Colouring Competition

Ecofriendly Ganesh visarjan

Speech on Great Leaders

Go Green India Rally

Ashoka House Eid celebration

Rainbow Day

Magic Show

Cooking without Fire Activity

Ashoka House Nursery 1st day

Convocation Ceremony

Granparents Day Celebration at Ashoka House

Summer Party

Sports Events

English Recitation

Jungle safari day & Save animals rally

Educators Sports

Field Visit to Post office - Jr. & Sr. K.G

Field Visit to Plant Nursery - Jr. & Sr. K.G

Nursery Picnic to MOH Farm

Excellence Day pre-primary to grade II - 2

Excellence Day pre-primary to grade II - 1

Origami Competition

Soft board decoration competition

Ashoka House Christmas Celebration

Childrens Day Celebration

Black & White Day- Pre-primary

Field visit to Reliance Fresh for Nursery Section

"Dental check up" for Pre-primary

Ashoka house Nursery field visit

Ashoka House Janmashtmi Celebration

Ashoka House Jr.K.G field visit to Reliance Fresh

Ashoka House Rakshabandhan Celebration

Independence Day

Ashoka House Tri-colour day

Ashoka House Folk Song singing Competition

Ashoka House Eid Celebration

Ashoka House Cooking without fire activity

Getting ready to school - Pre-primary section

Ashoka house get ready to school activity

Ashoka House Blue Day

Ashoka House red day & Inhouse birthday celebration of Ho. Chairman sir

Ashoka House My disney World

Nursery 1st day of the school (Ashoka House)

Ashoka House - Sr.K.G Convocation Ceremony

Pea Picnic

Ashoka House - Picnic to MOH farm

Ashoka House - Field visit to Plant Nursery

Ashoka House Holi Celebration

ISC students facewell

Ashoka Talent hunt (Ashoka House)

Ashoka House Yellow Day

Ashoka house - Sports Week

Ashoka house - Ad Mad Show

Events of Grade IX-XII - 2

Events of Grade IX-XII - 1

EXCELLENCE DAY 2012-13 - Ashoka House

Mr.Harsha Bhogle school visit

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