Quality Assurance and Guide

Quality assurance and guide cell is a dedicated team which focuses on the continuous professional development of the major participants in the teaching learning process at Ashoka Universal School. AUS aims at grooming a child for life by developing and making him realize his potential to the fullest.

As educators play a key role in student development it is imperative that they continuously upgrade their skills to keep up to changing trends in Education. The QAG looks after the professional and personal development of the Educators / Coordinators / HOD's. So as to assure imparting of quality education to the students.

QAG Coordinators

QAG Head

  • Mrs. Arti Jaiswal

QAG Co-ordinators

  • Ms. Rishika Chanda (Chandsi)
  • Ms. Jinal Chande (Ashoka House &
    Ashoka Nagar)

Research & Development

  • Ms. Priya Aher (Wadala)