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Dear Educators & Students,

The following are the activities of Talent Development Wheel.


Welcome to the new academic year 2015-16

We hope everyone had a wonderful summer and are happy to be back and are ready for a great year. We wish, we hope and we know that this academic year is going to be 'Beyond Excellence' for our students and educators. Dear educators your heart felt support will always be required to transform our students into global citizen with your creative and innovative ideas. We are looking forward to working with you in helping the students achieve their full potential. Together we make a team and looking forward for a great year ahead!!


Shrikant Shukla

Joint Secretary (Ashoka Universal School)

Admission open for Sinnar For the Year 2015-2016 - Pre-Primary Section

1st School in Nashik, amongst 38 in Maharashtra and 70 in India


National Accreditation Board for Education and Training (NABET) is a constituent Board of Quality Council of India. National Accreditation Board for Education and Training (NABET) provides accreditation to schools, training course providers and auditors that meet the Board's criteria and also offers a mechanism for their international recognition.

NABET Certificate - Wadala

NABET Certificate - Chandsi

Inventions, Discoveries and much more...

One of the main objectives of the Management, Educators and Staff of AUS is to make the students realize the power of thinking and self-exploration. Self - exploration that leads to self-realization. The day today ordinary things that not only the students but the staff and educators do extraordinarily.

One of the recent one of its own kind is by the kitchen department of AUS that has its delicious food catering to more than three thousand people every single day.

To avoid flies entering even at the door step of the huge kitchen of AUS. The team of Kitchen Incharge Mrs.Soundankar and Mr.Upadhay have been successful in implementing a 0 expense plan by hanging plastic bags with water filled in it and a 1 Rupee coin inside. It is due to the reflection of the coin that the flies are refrained from getting into the kitchen area. This wonderful idea has truly worked wonders on maintaining a hygiene level.

Truly 1 Rupee can save million lives.